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For the Resource Water see Drinking Water.
For the Alignment Neutral see Alignment.

There are five elements, each linked to a characteristic. Most damage sources are elemental.



Omni refers to players that utilize at least some of every element in their build, including equipment and characteristic points. Such builds are good for general PvM, but not for fighting very element-specific monsters. Further, to maximize damage in PvP, most players focus on their class's best element(s). In the current version of the game, it is possible for subscribers to reset characteristic points at any time, or to use ensembles to quickly switch element levels and equipment, which makes omni builds less necessary than in the past when reseting characteristics required lengthy quests, luck in the lottery machine , or actually paying real money for magical orbs.

Physical and Magical[]

There used to be only two elements in the game: Physical and Magical. This simpler concept still resonates in the game, especially when it comes to Resistances. Physical means any effect where the source is a neutral or earth element, Magical means any effect where the source is a fire, water or air element.