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NPC Details
Area Bonta
Elviana Tirips
Location City Centre (Bonta)
Coords [-34,-57]
Details Inside the Tower of Bontarian Orders, 3rd floor
Options Talk

Elviana Tirips is an NPC.


Bontarian Aligment

Let's see, it seems you have started to train with this brave Amayiro. It might be time for you to chose an order and to specialise in a field to serve best the interests of Bonta!

Neutral Aligment

Greetings. Entrance to the tower is reserved to the most faithful inhabitants of Bonta, the members of the Orders. If you want to join us, pay Amayiro a visit in the militia.

Find out more about the tower.
This tower? It's the meeting point of the three most powerful orders in Bonta: the Order of the Sharp Eye, the Order of the Salvatory Spirit and the Order of the Valiant Heart.


Runs the Order
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