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NPC Details
Area Amakna
Emmy Nens-Grize
Location Amakna Castle
Coords [4,-6]
Details Inside the building
Options Talk

Emmy Nens-Grize is an NPC.



Time passes so quickly when you're busy. In my humble role of royal adviser, all I do is wisely approve Allister's ideas, and yet I barely have a moment's rest all day long. The affairs of the kingdom of Amakna require constant attention.

Leave her be and get going
Reel off everything you've found out since last time.

Well, Well, Well! Someone's been a busy bee! So you think Jiva might have been involved in Frigost's freezing over? That's quite possible... After all, she is Djaul's great rival. She probably tried to intervene. And Cantile is looking for a way to lift the curse... That may not be a good thing, you know.

Keep Listening

I want you to carry on working with the mayor of Frigost Village, but keep yourself to yourself, and don't do anything which might put the kingdom of Amakna in danger. Do you understand? One last thing. You told me you'd been attacked by a Sram wearing a mask whilst you were questioning a Bwork Magus?


This would-be killer may well be a hit man hired to get rid of you. I'm going to try to find out more from San Lavalss and Yse Vewybad. From here on in, stay vigilant. You have Allister's blessing in all you do, loyal subject!

Bow and leave.


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