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Emote Stone

Emotes are a kind of action that your character can perform, they are purely cosmetic.

Emotes can be acquired in a number of ways, some are obtained via special emote puzzles, some are rewards of quests while others are obtained straight from using Emote Scrolls.

While most Emotes are obtained in P2P areas, it is possible for F2P players to obtain a few of them, and of course, to buy them from P2P players.

For a list of all Emotes, see Emotes/All.

Types of EmotesEdit

  • Emotes/Puzzle - Emotes that are obtained from solving various puzzles.

  • Emotes/Other - Emotes that are obtained by other means (events, other game rewards, etc.)

  • Auras - Auras are a kind of Emote, they release particle effects around your character.
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