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The feature(s) mentioned on this page have been removed from the game, and are merely left on the Wiki for historical reasons.

Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Tek Abir at [5,-17]
Level required 1
Other prerequisites None
Recommended level 15
Total rewards Level-Based XP, 505 Kamas, 3 Miliboowolf Hair
Items required
(not provided by quest)
Sequel None

Endangered beer is a quest.


Talk to Tek Abir at [5,-17] in Astrub.


*Sigh* I try and hide it, but I'm feeling rather morose today. I'm depressed. I have a problem, and I don't see how to get out of it. *sigh*

Ask for an explanation

You might have noticed that the taste of my beer has changed. That's because for some time now, I've been watering it down. *Sigh* Believe it or not, I don't water the lager down because I'm stingy. I just have no choice. I have less and less beer in stock and I'm still waiting for the next delivery. No beer means no customers, and with no customers, the tavern will close down, which means no more Tek. *sigh*

Offer to help.

Step 1: Escort of Mixture[]

Tek Abir, the village innkeeper, is compelled to water down his beer because he's losing profits to thieves. Go up the road to the deliverer south-west and escort him on his way.

Will you help me? Really? That's good of you. My beer deliveries arrive in Amakna. I know that there's one every day but they never get here. Walk along the South road, and you should meet a delivery man. Escort the delivery up to here.

Go and look for the deliveryman.
Go to [1,-13].

You really think I'm afraid of the scoundrel! I'm gonna beat him to a pulp! Get out of here if you're frightened, you'll only get in my way! I have to deliver this beer... and you better not try to stop me!

As soon as you speak with Diver Birel, you are attacked by Kaba. Diver Birel (monster) comes to your aid.
You drop 1 Note.
You will receive 1 Beer Deliveryman.
  • Escort the delivery man to the tavern. Talk to Tek Abir [5,-17]

The lager has been delivered, thank you very much! You've kept the thieves at bay for now but what about tomorrow? I've had an idea... Could you do something else for me? we would need to contact them directly and stop this horrible racketeering.

Respond that you could try to locate the thieves' hideouts.

The ideal thing would be to find some hint as to where the bandits are hiding...

Realize it might be handy to read the note found on the hooded rascal.

Step 2: Oppression Brought to an End?[]

Put an end to the beer robbery.
  • Put an end to the beer theft
Go to Han Reddun [2,-24], behind a tree, to discuss the matter.

What do you want? Oh, are you the one who beat up that idiot Kaba? Pah, and you waltz in here like butter wouldn't melt! Do you have a death wish!

Ask some explanation.

Explanations? You're not in any position to ask for explanations, mate.

Ask to see the boss.

Ha, you don't muck about do you! Well, not many people are allowed to see the boss except maybe a high-ranking soldier now and again. Listen, if it's what you really want, I'll cut you a deal. Give me 2,500 Kamas and that torn cloak you have there and we'll see - unless you want to take us all on at once!

Hand over 2,500 kamas. (You will lose 2,500 Kamas)
Mention Survival of the Fittest.

Survival of the Fittest? You asked for it... Loofi, Delminss, kill this maggot!

You must fight 2 Kaba's.
You will drop 2 Piece of Cloak.
You may choose either to pay or to fight in order to continue with the quest.
If you fight, the following dialog is available from Han Reddun.

Well, it wasn't the best fight I've ever seen, but you did well, I suppose. I'm the boss here. What do you want?

Ask the reason for the beer theft.

You need a reason? Well, my men need to relax, that's all.

Negotiate another solution.

Who do you think you are? I'm gonna... Hmmm. Wait, you say the Innkeeper is betting his life on this beer... Interesting... We will stop stealing his beer if he agrees to sell some to us at a really low price. Convince him if he doesn't seem sure. Go on, then!


What? That's daylight robbery! Fine then, I'll mix their beer with water. Deal!



Endangered beer used to be obtainable only in the later hours (Midnight - 6 AM DUT) because Tek Abir only waters down his beer late at night.