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A battle Eniripsa build.


  • are underestimated as attackers even after the dmg/heal "nerf";
  • can do decent damage without compromising healing capabilities;
  • sometimes their attacks can save a team (e.g., when an Eni is the last character alive in a battle).

This build focuses on making them more of a fighter, as opposed to just a healing character.


Enis are linked to Intelligence (Int), so by default you should put points on this stat.

Please consider also spending some points on Vitality (e.g., if you use Prespic Set, you'll need Vitality because the set doesn't provide it). Obviously you can get more Vitality via gears or from your pet.

NOTE: as I used Prespic Set as my favourite set for a long time, after reaching 150 Int (Base, I mean), I started putting points on Vitality (around 100 points). Then again on Int and so on. The idea, however, is to increment Vitality only when needed (e.g., forced by items you need to wear). If you start an Eni you should put points on Int and start scrolling Vit as soon as possible.

Agility is another interesting stat if you plan to use wands: as with Vitality, try to get Agility via scrolls, gears, or your pet.

Use scrolls for any other stat you need.

Precedence of stats[]


When I choose items to buy/craft, I prefer items giving (in order):

  1. +Dmg: increases computed damage, linearly
  2. +Int: increases attack power (at medium-high levels it becomes the first)
  3. +Dmg%: increases the computed damage by a %
  4. +CritHits: increases the chance of getting a Critical Hit
  5. +agility: helps Wounding word and helps you to escape sticky situations more. i would stick with Tofu set untill level 43 then i suggest you get the Wind kwak set.

Reason: some stats are more reliable than others.

NOTE #1: after an internal benchmark, I found +Dmg is more reliable than +Dmg% because it's a linear increase, added at the end of damage computation. If you check the Damage page and you look at the formula you'll understand why I changed the above list.

NOTE #2: Skills provide lots of +Dmg% in a specific weapon, and it's different from "standard" +Dmg% (please, see formula, again ).

NOTE #3: some weapons/spells have decent Critical Hit Rate (1/30 or lower) so you may try to acquire a Critical Set to reach the maximum Crit Hit rate (1/2, 50%). In this case you could be forced to loose some +Int/+Heals points but obtain higher rolls because of Crit Hit bonuses (e.g., in Crit Set I lose around 40 +Int points, but my Healing Word (Level 6) becomes stronger because of increased Critical Hit rate - 1/2 - and its Hit Bonus).


When I choose items to buy/craft, I prefer items giving (in order):

  1. +Heal: increases computed heal power, linearly
  2. +Int: increases heal power
  3. +CritHits: increases Crit Hit probability (on Crit Hit you get higher rolls because of a nice bonus)

Reason: some stats are more reliable than others (same as for attacking).

Recommended Standard Spells[]

Table of suggested class spells[]

These are the only spells I consider useful as they deserve to be boosted or maxed.

Obviously, feel free to choose other spells if you prefer those.

Standard spell by order of importance for me (and my current levels of boost):

Icon Name Level Element Suggested Lvl Priority Suggestions/Notes
Curative Word Curative Word 1 Fire
5 (6 when possible) High Boost it regularly but Stimu, Regen and (maybe) Revi should be maxed before this spell.
Healing Word Healing Word 3 Fire
5 (6 when possible) Highest Nice spell with good healing power (one target per cast, LoS required, no hurt for the caster)
Stimulating Word Stimulating Word 9 5 (6 when possible) Highest Max it as soon as possible. It's fundamental for you and for teams you'll fight with.
Preventing Word Preventing Word 13 Fire
5 (6 when possible) Medium to High Nice armor spell. Plan to max it after you get a decent heal and attack level. (NB: can now be cast on an ally at any level.)
Frightening Word Frightening Word 1 3+ (even 5-6 at high level) Medium to High Pushback spell. Useful for getting free to attack with wand.
Revitalizing Word Revitalizing Word 21 Fire
3+ Medium to High If you like it, plan to max it when you get some spare points. I preferred to save points for other spells but it's only a matter of choice.
Regenerating Word Regenerating Word 26 Fire
5 (6 when possible) Highest Max it as soon as possible. Like Stimu this spell is fundamental.
Word Of Youth Word of Youth 36 1 Medium If you plan to regularly fight against mobs with poison-type spells, you should boost it. Otherwise save points for other spells.
Word Of Sacrifice Word of Sacrifice 48 Fire
3+ High Until you reach Level 100 (and its related spell) this is the most powerful healing spell. Spell level should grow with you/your teammates: actual spell level must satisfy you and your teammates. If not, boost it to next level. I boosted it to Level 5 until Level 100+: then I got back some points to max Healing to Level 6.
Friendship Word Friendship Word 54 1 Low to High I don't like this spell so much but I saw Enis doing a great job with this spell (at Level 5 and with some +summonable-creature gears). If you like this spell, you could max it. Otherwise save points for other spells.
Lifting Word Lifting Word 70 5 Medium This spell is fundamental as it enable's you to cast your heal's and atack's form a longer range enabling the eni to distance itself more from danger. (also stackable enabling more range over time)
Word Of Altruism Word of Altruism 90 1 Medium-high Heals whole team but restricts healing capabilities for some turns
WordOfRecovery-Spell-Icon Word of Recovery 100 Fire
5 High to Highest Top healing spell. Note: at Level 5 has reduced cooldown (7 turns) and, more important, it can be cast on yourself.

Now some extended notes on the recommended class spells.

Curative Word[]

Required Level: 1

Nice spell for healing youself. With recent update there's cooldown no more.

Recommended to max it (Level 5+ I mean) especially if you like soloing. If you usually hunt in groups, you can delay to max it to boost other spells.

Linked to Fire element: high intelligence equals better spell power.

Healing Word[]

Required Level: 3

Important spell for healing an ally.

Recommended to max it (Level 5, I mean).

On the long run it will be more effective than Word of Sacrifice as this spell has a Level 6 (only 2 AP!), truly powerful.

Linked to Fire element: high intelligence equals better spell power.

Stimulating Word ("Stimu")[]

Required Level: 9

This spell gives 1-2AP to you and to your allies. Range increases with boosts, up to 4 at lvl 5. Using this spell causes low damage to the caster.

At small levels (when solo fight are impossible in practice) I decided to boost (as soon as possible) Stimulating Word (Level 5) because lots of teams appreciate 1-2AP so you'll be able to easily join teams. In addition, at Level 5, their duration is equal to the cooldown, so you can keep the AP boost up on a continuous basis. Moreover this is one of the basic most important spells you have.

At middle levels, just for attack purpose, there's a small problem when you give only 1 AP but we'll go around.

Preventing Word ("Prev")[]

Required Level: 13

Nice armor spell. Recommended to boost it to level 5: 3AP and can be casted on allies (linear, no LOS required, range 0-6!).

At startup, after casting Stimu, I usually cast this spell on a teammate that will quickly reach enemies (i.e. a people using teleport) so he/she will have 2 turns with reduced damage.

This spell has cooldown so don't cast it "just because you want to cast something".

Note: this spell reduces damage but, obviously, is not as powerful as Fecas' shields.

Casting Prevent Word before Stim reduces the dmg done to the player casting stim word. >:)

Linked to Fire element.

Revitalizing Word ("Revi")[]

Required Level: 21

This is another important spell (some people consider this a "key" spell).

Used for healing, it's linked to fire element so its power grows when Int increments.

It has Area of Effect (AoE) and can heal either allies or monsters but its healing power is low compared to other healing spells.

In my humble opinion, you should start boosting this spell up to Level 3 (you can compensate this decision with +heal gears). Then, if needed, you could decide to max it.

Pros: just 2AP at Levels 5/6, AoE, nice healing power (especially at Level 6)

Cons: it can also heal enemies, other spells (without AoE) are more powerful (as healing)

Linked to Fire element.

NOTE:: I saw Enis doing nice job with this spell (better with +Heal gears) while in group. At the moment I decided not to max this spell because I preferred to boost other spells's only a matter of choice. If you like this spell, maxing it is not a fault (especially if you plan to boost it to Level 6).

Regenerating Word ("Rege" or "Regen")[]

Required Level: 26

Even after the recent "nerf" this spell is really useful.

At Level 5 you pay 3AP to cast this buff and it's now castable on a teammate.

Healing power is low but it last some turns.

You can enhance the power of this spell with +heal gears so it becomes truly interesting.

Last update made this spell castable just once per turn ("nerf").

Linked to Fire element.

Word of Youth ("Youth" or "WoY")[]

Required Level: 36

This is another underestimated spell: it removes all buffs (positive and negative) from an ally.

Against mobs like Crocodyl this is a must.

Simple strategy if your team is not powerful and you're not required to enter berserk-mode:

  • avoid giving AP at the first round and wait for monsters casting negative buffs.
  • use this spell to remove negative buffs casted by monsters on you allies, starting from the strongest to the weakest. Consider to cast the spell on you when your HP are low. Remember: an Eni is important for a team, so avoid to die. Obviously don't use this spell on fecas if they casted their armors.
  • when your dmg-dealer teammates are free, you can give AP, cast Regen or Prev on allies.
  • start healing all your teammates

At Level 1 it requires 6AP. I know it's a huge requirement but don't boost this spell.

Usually you need to cast this spell at first turns of a battle when people are full of HP.

Boost your spell if you plan to regularly fight against mobs like Crocodyl.

Word of Sacrifice ("Sacrifice")[]

Required Level: 48

One of the coolest (to see and to experiment) spell of Enis.

It heals a single target but hurts the caster.

Healing power is really strong for a Level 48 Spell.

At Level 3 it can heal around 100 (without +heal gears but with decent +int points. i.e.: 200+ int).

At Level 5 it can heal around 200 (with some +heal gears and decent +int points. i.e.: 200+ int)

NOTE:. When I reached Level 100, I spent lots of kamas to get some points back from this spell (I got it at Level 5) to max Healing Word (Level 6) as this spell has better quality/price ratio as healing power.

Linked to Fire element.

Friendship Word[]

Required Level: 54

This spell summons a small bunny that heals the team.

I preferred not to spend points on this spell because I usually cast other healing spells.

However, it's interesting when you need a simple "flare" for avoiding monsters' attack.

Moreover it can cast "Bunny boost" that gives some +heal points to the summoner (2-3 +heal).

When you have no spell to cast and your teammates don't hate summons, feel free to summon this bunny.

Know effects on low-levels teammates when you cast this spell: they will say "wow!" and "how can I get this bunny?". Laughs are guaranteed.

NOTE: one of my friends has whole Fire Kwak Set so he can summon 2 bunnies and, as he likes Coney, he decided to max the spell. Result is not bad as the two bunnies heal him, increase his heal power and can be effective against mob as "flares".

Bunny Boost now gives +1MP, making this summon more valuable. However, still consider it a low priority for points.

Lifting Word[]

Required Level: 70

This spell Increeses your range.

With this spell you are able to increese the range of you spell's which enable you to heal and atack from a longer range.

This spell is also stackable with 2 turns (3 on a CH) and can also be given to allie's to boost their range for 1 turn.

I highly recoment this spell for both battle/support/chance eni's as they can all benifit from it.

Also boecause it's only 1 ap it can easly be used as a 1 ap fill-in like a cheep bluff (more affective if cast at start of turn)

Word of Altruism[]

This spell can be truly effective while in team: if you know you'll be killed in the next turn you can cast this spell to heal whole team.

Note: Word of Altruism no longer has a chance to kill the caster. Instead, it puts the caster and his/her allies in an 'Altruistic' state that prevents the use of any Eniripsa healing spells. Healing spells from other classes can still be used (Heads or Tails, Animal Healing, etc.)

Also can be used as a bread saver at the end of a fight..

Word of Recovery[]

Last learned spell for Enis, this is the most powerful healing spell (it can make a Sacrier brand new).

Until Level 4 it can be casted only on a teammate and has 10 turns as cooldown and requires lots of AP: 8AP (for Level 1) or 7AP (for Levels 2-4).

When maxed (Level 5), for "just" 6AP, you can cast the spell on yourself, making this spell really useful even in PvP. Moreover cooldown is a bit reduced (7 turns).

Linked to Fire element.

Other Recommended Spells[]

Table of suggested non-class spells[]

This is a list including some useful non-class spells (and my current levels of boost):

Name Element Boost to level
Leek Pie Fire
Wand Skill 5
Lightning Strike Fire
Release 3
Cawwot (Spell) Healing 2

Leek Pie[]

This spell is important for an Eni. Its standard fire-type damage is low but can be enhanced with +dmg gears.

It requires only 2AP and it has high range (10 squares).

Useful to kill small mobs (including Prespics Level 20+ when you're a bit strong).

Don't go beyond Level 3.

Linked to Fire element.


Contrib #4 Leek pie costs only 2 AP on all levels. At level 5 it has 10 range and 1-4 attack (compared to level 1 where it has range 8 and 1-2 attack). I did not boost this spell at all and works perfectly in prespic set, and some enis I know unlearned this spell to levels 2 or 3 because they decided that boost points they used just weren't worth what they gained by boosting it. I will consider boosting it to lvl 3 in the future if I have spell points left (so many beautifull spells to boost, so little boost points). Meagan.

NOTE con Contrib #4: as correctly suggested by Maegan, at middle-high levels Leek Pie is not so effective so don't max it: don't go beyond Level 3 (recently I spent 250kk to get back 4 spell point for boosting Healing Word: if possible, avoid to commit my error :D ). Rej.

  • Another comment about Leek Pie: After seeing damage I can do with a decent wand (Rej's favourite) and what some spells can do on higher levels, I decided to keep Leek Pie on lvl 1 and use those spell points for some other spells (some day, Healing Word lvl 6 I hope). Meg.

NOTE (1.20) With Version 1.20, Leek Pie has become less powerful. Since the range has been decreased to 5 and the damage to 1-1 on lev 1 (with only 1 single hit per monster per round) I recommend pushing it to level 4, where you enjoy 1-4 damage with a range of 7 and 3 hits per enemy. Perhaps one should not use it anymore and spend points to wand mastery, but the mastery spells have been decreased as well.

[I believe the reason this was done was to prevent Sacrier abuse. Imagine your entire team having level 1 Leek Pie and spraying the Sacrier during a punishment.

Wand Skill[]

Enis have bonus only when using a wand. So this skill is the Skill for an Eni.

As Enis are int-based by nature if you get a fire wand and this skill you can do nice damage.

See Weapons chapter for more info about boosting this skill.

Lightning Strike[]

This spell has a small Area of Effect (AoE) but it's useful to kill small mobs. Boost it only if you plan to fight lots of monsters attacking you face-to-face (e.g. cast it when surrounded by them). At Level 5 does nice damage but I preferred to boost other spell.

Highly recommended.


Recently I changed a lot my mind about this spell (my fault).

I compared this spell with Frightening Word but I think these spells are different.

This spell is useful to get free from mobs (it pushes in all 4 directions so can be effective if you're surrounded) while Frightening is awesome (especially at Level 5-6) to pushback mobs from far away (i.e. it's awesome against Explosive Shells and other blocking/huge mobs).

If you plan to get Frightening at Level 5+ (recommended but only after maxing other healing/buffs spells), stay on that spell to save points.

If (and only if) you've some spare points you could boost Release to Level 2 or 3. Don't go beyond.

Price of Release spell is low (low, not cheap): around 100kk for the Scroll.

Note: Release is offered in bonta sellrooms now for <10kk :)


Strategy: with 3MP and 2 cells gained pushing an enemy (Level 3 spell), next turn, likely, you'll be able to attack twice with your wand without needing to push/dodge your target again.

Cawwot (Spell)[]

If you have 100 cawwots, you can trade them for the Cawwot Spell .

This spell summons a giant static cawwot with healing effects. After some turns, when healing power finishes, the summon remains on the field so you can use it as a flare (monsters like Dreggons seem to appreciate it).

Important: cawwot is a summon but doesn't count as a summon! I.e.: in standard condition (no +summonable-creature gears) you can summon a coney and a cawwot as only coney counts as a summon. Notice that after cooldown, you'll be able to summon another cawwot and so on...

If you get this spell, don't spend lots of points on it: Level 2 (1 single point) is quite good and if you've +heal gears, healing power seems increased.

Optional (a.k.a.: "get this spell only if you're a cawwot-lover OR you've lots of cawwots and you want to get something from them").

Notes on other spells[]

What about Forbidden Word?[]

Lots of people at low levels, usually spend points on Forbidden Word, maybe trusting the Description of this spell (Forbidden word is a very powerful attack... for a fairy.).

My humble opinion is: I discourage people to spend any point on this spell.

Sure, at low levels it seems to do a good job for attacking but... but it's expensive (as AP) and doesn't provide significant damage on the long run.

At Level 5 it requires 4AP to deal 7-12 fire-type Damage (19 as Critical Damage).

If we assume 150+150 Int (like in my benchmark with Wands, below), maybe you'll get 110+ Dmg on a Red Scara with a Critical Hit (best scenario possibile) but you pay 10 spell points to reach Level 5!

By the way, I've just considered Forbidden at Level 5 because lower levels (1-4) require more AP to deal lower Damage.

Definitely NOT a good deal.

  • Forbidden word can be powerful. At level 21, with a gob set, you will always have at least 8ap once you have used stim word, allowing you to attack twice. This means 21-36 damage (with 200 int) twice a round. However, If you use will o wisp wand, you will hit 21-25 twice a round, and on a +2 roll of stim word, you could also revit word yourself. Also, 10SP is alot of SP to spend on this spell. In my opinion, forbidden word is not worth the SP, but, if you have money by all means learn it and forget it later when there are better wands.
  • Ironically, Forbidden Word seems even better for high-level (106+) characters than for low-level ones. At level 6, it is comparable in efficiency to the Xelors' Hand. Level 6 Forbidden Word does 11–16 dmg (25 crit) for 3 AP; Hand does 12–22 dmg (25 crit) for 4 AP. Hand has better range, and is boostable; but boostable range is a double-edged sword. At level 6, Forbidden Word can serve as a complement to wands, especially when the enemy is right next to the eni and cannot be pushed.

NOTE: I find Forbidden Word quite useful myself. I'm a solo leveling Eni and it's your only good damage spell (Besides Weapons). It is nice to have a weapon and a spell. I'm a lvl. 45 Eni with 7 AP and around 450 int. I deal around 60-90 dmg with 1 Forbidden Word, so twice that amount if you have Stimulating Word.


Low levels (under Level 38)[]

Items to wear[]

I recommend Young Adventurer Set ("Adv Set") or Gobball Set ("Gob Set").

  • Full Adv Set gives +40 points to all statistics so it's really good for powerlevelling (+40 Wis is huge for a small character!). I used it until Level 38 because of its bonuses (I like lots of Wis).
  • Gob Set gives Vit, Int, Str, Wis and +1AP. Really a nice set. Str bonus is not unuseful: increases neutral weapons damage and this is not a bad thing at all. Intelligence is the main Enis' statistic and helps for healing and attacking. Gob set increases vitality so you can accept damages for some turns (and attack!) before starting healing yourself. Moreover, if you plan to start some professions in Dofus (i.e..:alchemist, farmer, baker, ...) the Str bonus allows you to carry more stuff (gob belt increases dramatically available pods).

Contrib #3 I'd like to add that with Gob set you get +5 dmg (which make this set realy good cuz with one Stimulating Word you can use Leek pie 4 times) and you with 8-9 ap you have alot of things you can do. and if you think 40 wisdom is better then gob set, add a boar ring they are pretty common, just ask a friend. he/she probly has 3 or 4 they cant sell and will glady give you one. so with 1 AP 30 wisdom lots of life and intell. + the added pod's from the belt you will be a very well rounded eni (Lokii-the-Winged)

NOTE on the Contrib #3: I fully agree with Lokii-the-Winged. Sometimes (...) I used a similar configuration and I can assure you that this set can be really effective (i.e.: Gobbal Hammer has dual-nature damage, Int and Str, and it can do nice damage if you wear the whole Gob Set). Thanks to Lokii-the-Winged for his interesting comment. Rej.

Contrib #4 There is a nice gear combo to use before presp-rober set, that is gob-robber set. Gobbal: Headgear, Cape, Hammer, Boots and Ring + Robber: Ring, Belt and Amu. With this set combination u still have decent INT (and STR), over 10 damage bonus (up to 15) to every hit AND decent HP. Robber parts can add up to 75 vitality (I've got a formaged ring giving 25 hp) + up to 115 HP from Gobbal( 195 total HP in my case, my gobbal boots and ring are just average). Additional pros is the fact that you will keep robber parts (without belt) and use them with prespic set later on. Using those and Gobotubby as a combat set, and Pink Dragoone + Cawwot Doffus (that's extreamly expencive) for solo, I've found that leveling Eni isn't that hard at all, plus he is still a valuble healer and damage dealer at very low levels (17!). Hope that's helpfull. Plenty

Contrib #5 I must disagree about all the gob history...why? If you gonna lvl in solo or if you are f2p..its pretty nice the gob set...but with adv set you get 40wis! and if you can get a cawwot dofus, a sidimels ring and a pink drang you are ready to lvl very very quick! If you are low in kamas...a adv set and already mentioned boar ring make leveling lot less boring! =) Hugs (Four)

the adventure set actually gives 46-52 of every stat except vitality.


At low levels you need help to fight lots of mobs (even "small" for other classes).

If you equip the Gob Set your Gobball Hammer (Level 10) can do a good damage. It's double attack nature (fire and strength) is fine for fighting mob with high Res Fire.

at lvl 14 if your after wisdom you can get a staff bonely. if might only give 6-10 wisdom but its great if u have a adventure set.

Contrib #7 At level 15 I started using the Powerful Leafy Staff, it does some decent damage (15-19 neutral), but doesn't give any bonus.You can attack twice if you have 8 AP so for a low level eni, that's some good damage.

At Level 27, while fighting in team, you could equip an Agride. This Axe does 8-12 neutral damage and, more important, 10-20 Wis and if possible try maging it to fire damage so it a good close range attack if you dont like forbidden word.

Contrib #8 At level 15 you can also use Powerful Ice Wand . And if you mage it to fire, you get some decent damage for a such low level Eniripsa. Azurio.

Contrib #1 Also a good weapon is Treechnid Root Wand, you have to be lvl 33 and it does 16-20 neutral damage and gives +30 Wis. It also only cost 4 ap so you can do it twice with Stim. Word. I would get it forgemaged if possible to do optimum damage.

Also I just recently found out a very good wand that if done correctly you can do 200 damage a turn and at a low lv. The Powerful Intelligence Wand, if forgemaged with the best potion, can do 10-14 base fire damage. With 300 int and wand skill lv 3 (i am basing this on my own stats...) it can do 62-84 damage in a single hit and it only cost 3 ap to attack. If you were to wear a Kam Assutra Amulet and get a +2 stimulating word you can use this wand 3 times in a single turn. That would add to be around 180-240 damage. Also this wands lv requirement is very low (lv 29) so you can stick with this wand for a very long time. The only downside to this is the wand has a range of 2-2 and it might be a bit expensive. I havent actully tried this but I plan on doing it if I have the kamas and Rej thinks its a good plan. =)

At Level 35, there is a nice weapon. If you plan to do some solo battles maybe against mobs that try to surround you, you could equip a Toh'Lo Hammer. This hammer require 4 AP (2 attacks with 8AP) to deal 16-20 Fire-type damage. Even if hammers have a -30% penalty on Enis (like swords and other types of weapon), I can assure you this hammer is really powerful (if -Wis and -Agi penalties are not a problem with you).

Low-middle levels (under Level 60)[]

Items to wear[]

I recommend Prespic Set ("Presp Set") at Level 38+.

The dmg-build start here.

Complete Presp Set has 3 important effects:

  1. gives lots of Wis. You can reach 80+ Wis points with a medium-quality set;
  2. gives 10+ damage. So your attacks (including Leek Pie) start becoming a bit stronger;
  3. reflects damage. This is truly important. From now, if you want to level, you can solo all low-level mobs as they won't attack you. Why? Simple. Would you attack a thing if you knew it reflects your whole damage, maybe killing you? All mobs, with monsters doing small damage, won't attack you anymore. It's time to take lots of Mushd (3-4 for each fight) to level quickly.

With the Presp Set you'll get lots of Experience Points ("XP") fighting in teams.

NOTE: Be aware that when using the prespic set it will reflect the damage you receive from Stimulating Word back to yourself, so you will receive the damage twice. This has been confirmed by submitting a ticket. Serenio

BEWARE The prespic set isn't what it used to be, now you first receive the dmg, before you reflect it ! --Radiant Thunder 10:37, 18 May 2008 (UTC)

At Level 40 You can combine the prespic set with a vegamu which can give you a nice ammount of vitality in a cost of as little as -1 Int and -1 Chance.

At Level 41 you can Equip the Palid Emblem Amulet: +2 damages, +10 Str, +20 Wis, -20 Cha, -20 Agi. I think it's a good tradeoff for an Eni. (only if you don't equip a wand: in that case the -20 Agi is a severe penalty).

Another nice set is Fire Kwak Set (Level 41). It's a bit expensive to buy but its stats are extremely good for an Eni. Full stats (not including bwak): +131-155 Int, +76-85Vit, +35 Agi, +29-32 Wis, +2-4 Prosp, +21-30 Init +28-38% Res fire, +5-10% Dmg, +1 Dmg, +4-5 Crit Hits, +1 to summon, +1 Range, +1 AP, +1 MP. or +2 AP if you can equip the pet.

There's also the Red Scaraleaf Set (Level 46). Nice stats and just 4 pieces for this set so you can mix this set with other parts from other sets. Nice set if you want high int for healing or attacking with fire weapons/spells. Stats: +63-120 Int, +83-160 Vit, +2-30 Wis, 24-40% Res fire, +1-100 Init, +1-3 Damages, +1-10% Percent damage, +1-5 Magical reduction, +1-4 Criti Hits.

At Level 47 I suggest to buy or craft a Harmony amulet. It gives +15 to all stats: sometimes you'll be able to equip some gears just because "this amulet gives some points in X stat" (where X is not Int). Moreover, +15 Wis is always a well-accepted gift or u can get it maged to turn the 4 other stats to wisdom or int.

At Level 48 you can get a Daudgee (hat). Stats are really nice for a dmg-oriented Eni: +1-80 life, +11-15 Wisdom and Damage increased by 1-15%. Recommended.


At Level 34 you can try a staff called Treechnidis Vivitus: standard damage is 6-10 (neutral) and requires just 2AP to use. Other stats: +15 chance, +15 wisdom, +15 intelligence, -30 Strength. I saw a female Eni (GTF) using it with a good Presp Set doing 3-4x35 damage each turn. How possible? She maged this staff converting it to Fire-type (this requires a good wand forgemage). However she told me she didn't use the highest-quality Fire potion for changing the .attack type so her attack is not optimum (!!!).

NOTE: I asked her if it was possible to reveal her name and she kindly accepted (thanks, GTF).

Contrib #2 At Level 38 you can buy/craft a Strangly Wand . This wand does 1-7 damage 3AP +2-3 Heals. The reason you should wait and use it at level 38 is because this weapon is only good with Prespic Set. I personaly hit 2x(15-47) with it. This wand isn't the best for damage but it can also make it so you heal more to your alies. Sincerely, Miscsmedic

At Level 41 you can buy/craft a Fire Kwakblade. This sword does 16-25 Fire-type damage, 5AP to use: you can easily reach 100+ damage on monsters (mainly monster afraid of fire like Blue Scaraleafs). It gives important stats: +10-15 vitality, +11-15 Intelligence, +2-3 critical hits, +1-2 prospecting. Even you're an Eni and this is a sword this is a must for hand-to-hand attack (Note: Enis have a -30% rate on sword attack). With this blade you'll get a lot of satisfactions. I recommend it for gaining XP: Vampires and Vampire Masters (in the crypts), Treechnids (not Dark ones!), Prespics, Boars, Scaraleafs (not red!)...

NOTE: Please don't start thinking about buying Sword Skill: it's a common thought at this point (maybe excited by the performance of this sword) and it's stupid.

At Level 43 you can buy a Wand Hering. This wand is pretty nice. Normal stats are: 8-17 (neutral), +2-4 Heals, 4AP to use. As you gained it, try to forgemage it, converting from neutral to fire-type attack. If conversion succeeds you'll have a nice weapon. And, if you're lucky you can use it 2 times per turn (see "Attack with Wand and Wand Skill" in the Strategies Chapter).

Enis on Wands have a +40% damage bonus. As this would become fire type the damage will imcrease a lot. Moreover if you get Wand Skill damage will grow dramatically. In this case you'll get the top: favourite weapon for your class + weapon using your main stat + weapon skill => huge damage.

Middle levels (Level 60+)[]

Items to wear[]

At level 62 you can use a Kitsou Set combined with Jellix Set parts. You won’t have as much int as your Red Scaraleaf Set, but the kitsou you allow you to survive more fights as it will give you lots of +vit, despite the Red scara. Also the complete kitsou set gives you +60 wis (and that’s good for leveling), and +1AP. Considering that this set has only four pieces, its a nice trade off. A good merge would be kitsou cape, hat, amu and ring, combined with a maged Jellibelt with 60 int and a Jelliboots for a +1MP. The boots itself won’t give you + int, but the bonus of the gellix set will do (+ 20 int for 2 pieces), so, from boots and belt you will get +80 int. For the other ring, use a Gelano if you can afford it, or a Mental Ring maged with +30 int (not hard to find/craft/buy), or a Red Scararing maged (a little better choice than the mental) or even a Silimelle's Wedding Ring (+29 wis, maged) to leveling.

Obs.: I chose this combination because of the lack of vitality of the red scara set, but with the 1.27 version, I don`t know if vit will be a real problem, because chars will gain +5 vit at each level, starting from lv 1, so, this choice should be analyzed and experimented with care before spend your precious money on the kitsou set. The belt and the boots you should get anyway, to combine with your scara set , because the +int cost/benefit from belt and boots its better than use the scara belt (even getting the full scara set bonus)

For weapons, I recommend you to have a wand to leveling and a wand to “fight”, see weapons below.


At Level 63 you finally can equip my favourite weapon: Clearing Balgourde . This is THE weapon for a dmg-oriented Eni. With 8-20 Fire-type damage, +16-35 Int and Dmg Inc by 6-15% it's the perfect weapon for the build discussed in this document. It requires 4AP to attack and it's a natural choice for applying the "Attack with Wand and Wand Skill" Strategy in the Strategies Chapter. Consider to follow whole #Attack with Wand and Wand Skill Strategy to always attack twice per turn.

Results with Balgourde: with this wand and applying the cited strategy I was able to shot a 450HP Blue Scaraleaf in a turn at Level 64 : 325 (Critical Hit)+125 Dmg. Max expected damage was around 340. If you think this damage is low for a Level 64 character and you think this test is not valid just because Blue Scaraleafs suffer from fire-type attacks, consider I'm using an Eni. Another example: on a Greedovore I did 212+122 Dmg. If you think this attack is low, try using another class. :) id just like to add that if you equip a kam ammy and wily wand you can get 3 attacks presuming stimulating word gives 2 ap if u get wily wand to 1/2 crits you can easily take up to 450 a turn and that is me and im currently 63 i have not tried a clearing balgourde and i will try it but i like the damage on wily wand

At Level 67 there's another nice wand: Dark Treechnid Root Wand. Stats: 12-16 Fire-type damage, +31-40 Wis, + 11-20 Int, -21-40 Str,- 21-40 Cha, -21-40 Agi. It has lower high roll than Balgourde but higher low roll so it's a valid alternative to that one. High Wis is really appreciated but I don't like the penalty as Agility so I don't know if I'll try to craft it.

Similar to the Dark Treech wand is Wily Wand, aka The Brand Onwalsh. It can be equipped at Level 59 and requires only 3AP to attack. Stats: 9-16 Fire-type damage, +6-20 Str, + 6-20 Agi, +16-30 Int, +3-4 to Crit Hits, - 6-25 Cha. Definitely a good wand!

In this case, with 8AS, an hypothetical attack could be:

  1. 1x Frightening Word (boosted to Level 3, it requires only 2AP)
  2. 2x attack by wand

Really powerful.

At Level 80 you can equip the Red-Hot Wand. Not as powerful as some of the previous wands for attacking (11-14 Fire-type damage, just 2-3 as range), however it has many interesting stats: +21-40 Int; +201-300 Init, +41-60 Life, +11-20 Wis, 3-5% Resist water, -40 Str. Recommended while you're in team (for XP, Int, Init, ...). For soloing purpose, maybe previous wands provide better damage roll range.

Note: At Level 70 there s a beutifull Royal Gobbal sword. It deals 4-8 damage of each element for just 4 ap, when that gets combined with + damage gear, u can easilly deal 250+ damage per turn without any stat points spent at all. This sword reduces Wisdom drasticlly, but can be maged (mine adds +5 wis). Im using perfect prespic set with ring and belt maged to +10 wis (+100 wis from presp only), royal gobbal boots (+8 dam, +60 hp), Xellors amu (+4 damage in my case, but only -1 Intl, lucky craft!), and golden scara ring (+4 heals, +3 damage). The whole gear (in my case) offers: +105 Wis (5 Royal Gobbal Sword, 100 prespic set) +80 Vitality (60 from Royal Gobbal Boots, +20 for 2 parts from Royal Gobbal set) +28 damage (could be 31 with better xellors amu and scara ring) +4 Heals. ummm wouldnt it be 104 int since u lose 1 because of the sellors amu.

Im using pink dragoone for soloing, and Gobotubby for teamplay. Overal damage: Leek Pie 4x [(1 to 2) +28] gives 116 - 120 ranged damage per turn (after stimu) from basic stats and +damage only! Royal Gobbal Sword: 2x 4x[(4 to 8)+28]= 256 to 288 per turn (after stimu) of close combat damage.

The real damage value is lowered slightlly (affects only swords 4-8 damage part) by -30% dam coused with swords, but increased by intl, and whatever stats u have scrolled by now, so its higher. And as an Eni, u dont have to be affraid of fire immune monsters anymore, due to 4 types of elemental damage ur dealing.

High levels (Level 90+)[]


At Level 90 there's the outstanding Unreal Wand: 1-40 neutral attack, 31-50 Int, +1-30 Wis, 1-10 Mag Reduction, 1-10 Physi Reduction. If you succeed in forgemaging this wand(mandatory for proper use) you'll get 1-34 Fire-type attack. The oustanding part of this wand is that has only 1/20 Crit Hit rate (you can easily get 20 Crit Points), range 2-3 (a bit low) and requires no LOS to the target. So you can directly kill Dark Trees hidden behind Arachnees, you can kill the Cawwot used by Srams to block you (you can't push them as they summon a Cawwot behind them), ... Sure, if you get a low roll, your attack will be pathetic but if you get a decent 20 plus, maybe with a Critical Hit, resulting damage will be huge (try thinking about a 34 + Crit Hit: awesome).

NOTE: with 8 AP you can attack twice. In most of battles I fought, I usually got high damages on this wand. Sometimes (not so frequent, in my humble opinion) I got very low damage (like a 5). Obviously this wand is perfect for mobs summoning a lot of creatures (like the above-cited Dark Trees) or trying to quickly surround/catch you. With mobs like Trools this wand is not suitable because of low range: other wands are more appropriate (like the following one, my favourite on Trools because of range 2-5).

At Level 95 there's the Hairy Wand. Normal stats are: damage: 16-21 (neutral), +3-5% resist air , +3-5% resist water, +3-5% resist fire , +3-5% resist earth. When forgemaged to fire it's damage will be 13-17 fire. If you consider this factor and that this wand requires just 3AP and it has a great range (2-5!), ... Awesome! Not easy to craft/forgemage but it deserves the risk and the required money, fully. Nice for PvP. No +Wis, +Int or +Agi but attacking 3 times per turn (with 9AP) equals "fun". Maybe it's time to have a wand for levelling up in team (a wand with a lot of +Wis) and one for attacking (like this one).

Strategy: if necessary (i.e.: for saving a blocked teammate), you could even attack Explosive Shell staying 5 cells away.

At Level 112 you can craft/buy yourself the glorious Creizy-Stufh Wand and foremage it to fire. This wand deals 1~5 neutral (1~4 foremaged) and steals 2~3 fire. The stats are very nice, it gives +vit, +int, + wis , + heals , + init and + crits. It also has a 1/30 critical hit chance. Alongside with Krutch and some other +crit pieces, you should have a 1/2 crit in this wand. Actually, you must have 1/2, to benefit from the +5 dmg bonus at each damage dealt, turning your damage to 6~9 fire +linear dmg and stealing 7~8 fire +linear dmg. If you can’t or don’t want to reach the 1/2, try to use another weapon, like the previous wands. Consider to scroll some agi, to help your +crits and dodge rolls.

The amazing thing on this wand is that it costs only 2 AP for one single hit (!!!). That means if you have stimu at lv 6 (2 AP granted for sure) and just +1 AP from amulet or ring, you should be able to attack 5 times in a turn with 10AP, and be known by “a demon”. This gives you more flexibility in your turns, as you can spend 2 or 4 AP hiting and do whatever you need with the remaining AP. Despite the low roll, you should consider the damage benefited with the + dmg bonus you have from equips, because every damage dealt (the 1~4 fire and the 2~3 steal dmg) will gain the +dmg bonuses. Gathering all the dmgs, at each 2 AP hit, depending on your int and + dmg gears, you can deal about 40 output dmg twice a hit. With a single critical 2 AP hit, it should rise to around 80 output dmg, twice…Considering this, you can do around 300 dmg with all the hits being non crit. At long terms, your mean damage per turn should be around 450 dmg (ok, it’s not that much, but you really should try it).

With this wand sacriers will love you, because every hit, you can buff him twice per hit, as the normal and steal dmg activates the buff thing. That means you will buff him 10 times in a turn…

The bothering thing on use this weapon is that this wand has a 3~4 range, so you would prefer to have some nice agi to all the field swing thing. Consider that this wand is not suitable against Fecas in PvP, because of the mass reduction of 100 below damages, making him laugh at all your hits, as he will take low to no damage. When you get enough level to use the Xenature belt and the Nettlez cloak, you really should give up on this wand, as these gears give no + crits. You can also give up on Nettlez to wear a good Rags, keeping the 1/2 crit rate.

Complementary items (a.k.a. Heal Items)[]

As said before, the idea it to create a well-balanced and dmg-oriented Eni ("dmg-oriented" is different from "dmg-addicted").

You shouldn't nerf your healing capabilities as they are fundamental.

In this section we'll see some suggested +heal gears you can buy/craft: if you accurately mix them with other +dmg items you'll be able to get a well-balanced Eni.

Concrete example: create an Eni that can heal himself and attack in the same turn (e.g. for PvP).

First of all, you should read Heal Weapons and Heal Equipment.

Items to wear[]

Here is a small and incomplete list of some items that can help you to get a balanced character.

At Level 31 there is the Lahilama Medal that gives +1-3 Heals and +11-20 Vit. Nice to get vitality required by weapons like Fire Kwakblade.

At Level 40 you can buy/craft a Bambulet that gives you +3-5 Heals, +12-20 Vit and -11-20 Str.

At Level 46 there is the first sugegsted hat, the Guava: +31-40 Vit, +16-25 Int, +1-5 Heals.

At Level 48 you should try to buy (or craft) a Ring o'Stradamus that provides +16-25 Vit, +3-5 Heals, +3-4 Res Earth.

At Level 55 there is the Kannipiwi: nice hat, useful for both healing (+3-7 Heals) and gaining XP (+18-25 Wis). Valid alternative to

At Level 58 try to get a Hooded Cloak that gives you +21-40 Vit, +11-15 Wis, +21-30 Int and +3-5 Heals. I really like this cloak as it gives all you may need.

NOTE: with decent Bambamulet, Ring o'Stradamus, Hooded Cloak and Flip-flops you can have around 15+ Heal points and you get a good increase of your Vitality and Healing power. Moreover the +Wis points will make you to level up faster.

At Level 59 there's Omerta Ring, another powerful ring. Stats: +16-25 Int, +16-24 Agi, +2-3 CritHits, +3-4 Heals, +101-147 Init, +4-5 Res Water. If this ring had some +Wis points it would be The ring for Enis (under Level 60).

NOTE: you could compensate the lack of +Wis on this ring, wearing another one, providing those points. Example: a simple Silimelle's Wedding Ring (Level 26. Stats:+25 Wis, -5 Str, -5 Int) or better ones (there are lots of nice rings).

At Level 67 you can wear a pair of Flee-Flops: +16-25 Wis, +16-25 Int, +3-5 Heals and +4-5% Res Earth.

At Level 70 there's Conno Ring, another excellent ring. Stats: +6-25 Wis, +22-29 Agi, +4-9 Heals, +45-150 Init. I think this ring is really useful but it's pretty expensive (it requires an Aquamarine for crafting).

At Level 81 there's an ultra-powerful lining called Lullibye. Stats are impressive: +81-107 Vitality 17-28, Intelligence, +16-30 Agility, +4-6 Heals, +6-10 resist water +6-10 resist earth. Highly recommended even it's expensive.

At Level 94, if you've money, there's the Lil' Resin amulet. Stats are impressive: +31-48 Vit, +18-25 Wis, +4-8 Heals, +3-4 Damages, +13-15 Prospecting, +4-5 Res Neut, +4-5 Res Fire. It's pretty expensive but, in my humble opionion, it's awesome. If it had +1AP like Feudala Amulet, it could be the perfect ring for Eni (under Level 100, I mean).

At Level 100 investing in a Billalo is a great choice! It gives you heals, ini and vit plus summoning. And it makes you look like a right little angel.

At Level 105 you should craft/buy absolutely a Graytess Cape. Really expensive but extremely powerful: +71-100 Vit, +16-25 Wis, +25-40 Int, +6-11 Heals, +10-15 Prosp, +7-10 Res Fire, +7-10 Res Air. In my humble opinion, start collecting mats as soon as possible (if you're usually unlucky with drops, start gathering mats/saving money from Level 90). If you're lucky with stats this will be your cloak for a long long time.

At Level 113 there is an excellent hat called Mothat. Stats are impressive: +108-150 Vit, +23-30 Wis, +32-50 Int, +6-10 Heals, +6-9 Res Air, +6-9 Res Water.

NOTE: lots of people told me not to craft this hat because at Level 111 there is another good lining, the Krutch and at Level 120, not that far, I could even wear the famous Dora Bora. I didn't listen to them and crafted Moth (after 2 weeks spent farming mats and getting some huge debts with friends) and I was terribly lucky to get a +9 Heals exemplar. Trust me: maybe it's more (and more) expensive than Krutch but if you're lucky to get decent stats, Moth is fabulous. Moth and Graytess Cape are my current top-notch equipment (18 Heals in 2 pieces) and, really important, they don't require anything (no conditions to wear).

Obviously, if you've lots of money, I think the optimum for an healer is the Feudala Set that's pretty expensive.

At Level 120 you may want to change your rings, so I suggest Elya Wood's Wedding Ring along with a Feudala Wedding Ring or Conno Ring. The Elya wood is great for when you get the ammy at 135.

At Level 122 it is worth getting Himune along with using Graytess Cape and parts of the Feudala Set and if you can afford it Boots Kwish or Animal Boots are great instead of the Feudala Geta.

At Level 125 craft yourself a Xenature it gives agi, which is great for a dmg oriented eni. You will find yourself using it for a long time. (Note: My eni is currently 152 and is still using it)

At Level 128 you should upgrade your wand to Gyver Wand, in my opinion it is not that hard to make or mage...although I've heard some people complaining about it. Nevertheless, it's a great wand.


My suggested pets for this new build are these:

  • Bow Meow (black cat): this pet has 5 hours as minimum feeding time and 18 hours as maximum. Try to grow a +70 Int, +10 Agi pet. This will help with healing and with dodging. Consider to put more points on Agi if you plan to use regularly a wand. ((Note: I have a 40/40 agi/int cat, it's really good, especially when you have a base of over 300 int))
  • Fire Bwak: this pet has 11 hour as minimum feeding time and 36 hours as maximum. The only reason to prefer this pet instead of the Bow Meow is to get the complete bonus of Fire Kwak Set without equipping the sword (so you can have whole bonuses of the set while using a wand instead of the Fire Kwakblade).
  • Minimino: this pet is perfect for a fully dmg-oriented Eni as it gives Dmg%.
  • Pink Dragoone : This pet is good for helping to dodge ap and all that jazz, which means you'll be able to fight more things while dodging ap losses (plus getting good xp at the same time :P )
  • Atooin : This pet gives +10 heals if its stats are maxed, so an awesome healing pet!

Strategy: if you can, get both Bow Meow (or Fire Bwak) and Minimino. The cat/bwak helps in healing, the baby Minotor is really useful for attacking. Obviously maintaining two pets could be not cheap for you (i.e.: when you' re a low level) but this can make your choice wide and versatile.

Level up your Eni[]

This section is meant to show you some hints for levelling on solo (a.k.a. "I'm level X. What mob can I try?").

Remember: Eni are not meant to solo. Teamwork is, often, more effective and funny.

Levels 1-10[]

Suggested mobs:[]

Small mobs of Arachnees, Gobballs, Tofus. At these levels it's better to get into teams to grow up quickly.

Levels 11-20[]

=Suggested mobs:[]

If you have a Gobball Hammer: flowers. Those that go by the name Wild Sunflower are great for experience points. Go to the Fields of Astrub and try out different mobs of flowers, and remember to choose mobs with their total level as close to yours as possible. That way, you'll get the optimum amount of exp. At levels 11-13, fighting single sunflowers is probably the safest thing to do, and it will still give you a nice amount of experience.

Joining a group for the incarnum dungeon can also be good exp and often more fun than on your own.

Levels 21-30[]

Suggested Mob Once you reach lvl 26 i suggest piglet mob, they give good exp and are almost effortless thank to regeneration word (it's supposed u maximize this spell to lvl 5 immediately).This kind of mob can easily lead u to lvl 40 and prespic set.

Suggested Equipment Adv Set + Boar Ring (+10 Wis) + Will O' The Wisp's Wand (5-8 fire dmg, 3 AP, -10 Agi +5 Cha range 2-3)

I would like to add that I breezed through level 20-31 by fighting in the Mushd's Corner (12,8). If you have the complete gobball set and level one Lightning Strike this is particularly easy. 2 mushds give 4k xp. Just let them surround you and aoe (Lightning Strike). Every now and then use preventing word combined with cure, or just continuously regen/striking or regen/gobball hammer and you will not die. I did this in one eight hour session and got ten levels behind me.

Levels 31-40[]

At Treechnid Forest[]

Suggested mobs:

Trechnid's Forest Mobs (including Treechnids, Trunknids, Major Arachnees, ...)

Suggested equipment:

Full Prespic Set (when you can), Toh'Lo Hammer, Silimelle's Wedding Ring, Gobboots


  • Depending on your vitality and healing capabilities, you can try to solo small mobs (1-2 trees). When you become stronger you could do bigger mob. By the way, you get optimal XP with 3-4 Level 40+ Treechnids.
  • If you're low level, try to get into teams for safer XP-making.
  • Major Arachnees usually are your big problem so you must kill them as soon as possible. They can unbewitch so kill them before casting your skill.
  • As usual, corner is you friend. :)

At Mushd Corner[]

Suggested mobs:


Suggested equipment:

Full Prespic Set (when you can), Toh'Lo Hammer and/or Lightning Strike Spell (Level 1)], Silimelle's Wedding Ring, Gobboots


  • In full Prespic Set, Mushds won't attack you: you can do 3-4 Mushds mobs, easily..
  • With the hammer you'll kill them quickly, gaining nice Xp. Otherwise, if you don't like the -10 Wis penalty of the hammer, you can use Lightning Strike Spell (Level 1 works: don't boost this spell).

Mushd are no longer viable since they were boosted.

Levels 41-50[]

At Moon Island[]

Suggested mobs:

Moon Island Mobs (including Kokonuts, Tikokokos, Ambushers, Red Turtles, Blue Turtles, Green Turtles, Yellow Turtles)

Suggested equipment:

Full Prespic Set, Toh'Lo Hammer, Silimelle's Wedding Ring, Gobboots


  • Important: you need at least 130+ HP to get a riskless hunt on most of the mobs. If you feel brave you can try with <100 HP.
  • The more +Life points, the more you'll be safe.
  • Full Presp Set will avoid Thinning-In of Tikikokos and will reflect part of the damage you'll get from mob.
  • The hammer is really powerful as if you get 2AP with Stimu you'll be able to attack twice per turn (melee).
  • Ring provides +25 Wis: awesome for powerlevelling.
  • The boots add some +Life (try to get at least +30 life).
  • Ambusher, Kokonut and the turtles can do nice damage, so avoid to attack huge mobs on solo until you think you've enough HP to do it (aka "start with small mobs then try higher mobs and so on").
  • Remember: small maps, a corner and the combo Stimu+Regen+Prev at startup (and when you can) are your friends...

Levels 51-60[]

Try to get some cawwots on wabbit island, choose suitable size of mob for urself

Levels 60- 70[]

The best thing to do from 60 to 80 in my opinion is piglets so long as you have good wisdom 80+ via the kitsou set, adelus belt and if you can afford it the ber ed stick wand, the kitsou set's extra health can come in really handy it you pair it with the eni class spell mot'olov as the spell itself can cause 130+ damage though the self damage after effect is a pain and you might want to find a single piglet to heal on afterwards....

Levels 71-80[]

At lvl 71 to 80 you should lvl on Fungi Masters or Piglets. Fungi Masters can take about 5 to 10 minutes a fight and can give up to 30kk exp points. Piglets can take about 1 to 5 minutes and can give up to 20kk exp.

I prefer Fungi Masters myself because of the good drops and exp points. Piglets give an nice amount of kamas but I don't like them that much.

At Fungi Masters, I should use this gear: -Clearing Baulgoure --> Wapon -Prespic Lining --> Hat -Prespic Cape --> Cape/cloak -Kam Austra --> Amulet -Prespic Ring --> Ring -Silileme's Wedding Ring --> Ring -Pespic Belt --> Belt -Flip Flops/Fuedala Geta --> Boots -Ghast --> Pet

I should use an Ghast with max +80 hp and you should have 200+ hp with the Ghast. You need max 8+ ap so you can hit 2x with your Clearing Baulgoure. It gives many exp and you can't lose.

Also you can also try killing solo Kanigers which give pretty good xp. The corner method works well when you use the plissken summoned by the Kaniger to blocked it from attacking you, then you use wand skill and attack diagonally twice with a wand. And if your hp gets low just heal yourself.

Levels 81-90[]

Leveling on the Minotoror Island for this stage is great. It's found left of the Dopple Territory, accesable by boat (for 100 kamas).

There are lots of <160 mobs and some above that, which gives you perfect level capacity for the best exp.

The monsters there are pretty easy, except the Quetsnakiatl. Its a red snake which does a spell Pellet. Normal hit is around 90 damage, crit hit can do 130-180. With good healings and vitality this shouldnt be a problem.

Note: Khamelerost, another creature found there, does a spell which makes you lose 50 to 60 intelligence for the fight. This will be casted in the 1st turn. That will worsen your attack and healing. So killing those in the first turn isnt any luxoury. To dispell yourself from the intelligence penalty, simply wait the first turn and cast Word of Youth on the second.

If you take the higher mobs too 200> , you will be able to gain decend exp here untill level 120 or something.


Levels 100+[]

130 Peat bogs (in otomai) is a great place to level. Small mobs with red stars (not many people go there). You may need some skill to kill the mobs but it is worth it.

130 cont

From level 100+ you should actually be aware of what is good xp. And, although it may start to get harder (as you may need to do high-leveled dungeons and bigger mobs i.e Ghosts) there are still some things you can fight.

I recomend (solo): Dark Jungle Dreggon Sanc (I've been finding some really good mobs. But I do recomend having a Xyo - Black Awaken Dreggoss'es are buggers to kill without some sort of agi attack) Otomai Tree Zoths (Small mobs. And skill is needed)


Attack with Wand and Wand Skill[]

Scenario: you've a 4AP Fire-type Wand (like Forgemaged Wand Hering, Clearing Balgourde, Dark Treechnid Root Wand) and Wand Skill.

My favourite combo while soloing is:

  1. stay away from mobs to prepare myself for the battle;
  2. First turn: I cast Stimu. If I get 2AP I immediately cast Wand Skill. Otherwise cast Regen on me;
  3. Second turn: cast Wand Skill (if needed) or another Regen. Now try to get close to mobs;
  4. attack twice with the wand;
  5. repeat Point 4. or heal myself if I get low on HP;
  6. continue until the end of match.

At this point you could start considering to get one extra AP by buying/crafting:

In this case you'll be guaranteed to

  1. cast Wand Skill at the start of every battle;
  2. attack always twice with the wand.

In my opinion if you get this status (7 AP, +dmg gears, double attack with wand and skill) you can start calling yourself a true dmg-oriented Eni.

Note #1: check the "Get more Agility if you want to use a wand" Strategy, just a bit below.

Note #2: this strategy, obviously, applies to all 3-4ap wands, too.

The strategy applied: a creative (and stupid?) example[]

CawwotSpell+Wand+Corner Strategy

In this image you can see a combination of:

  • Cawwot Spell;
  • Wand+Wand Skill;
  • the strategy illustrated in this section.

Obviously it's a stupid strategy but... let's consider what your giant cawwot can do for you:

  • it heals you for some turns;
  • it keeps monsters away from you so you can always attack with wand (if you can, 2 attacks);
  • it allows just 2 monsters to attack you at the same time (only if they can attack diagonally).

NOTE: please, remember to heal cawwot, regularly. :D

Attack with Fire Kwakblade[]

Scenario: you've this sword and you use it for attacking

You need +dmg and +int gears to get huge damage because of the penalty for using a sword.

At the start of a battle, you can cast Stimu to get 1-2 AP.

  • with 7AP you can do an attack with this sword then cast Leek Pie. Next turn then you can heal yourself. Repeat until done.
  • with 8AP you can attack with the sword and cast a Regen or Prev.

"Corner-lover" Strategy[]

Scenario: you're soloing huge mobs and you don't want to risk.

If you want to avoid risk try to reach a corner of a map as soon as possible.

So your enemies cannot surround you and can attack only from a side (in front of you).

If they cannot attack diagonally it's perfect: just one of them will be able to attack you making the battle simple and riskless.

The strategy applied: another creative (and stupid?) example[]

corner love strategy

In this small image there are:

  • 1 Eni in the corner (healer)
  • 1 Sadi in front of the Eni (damage dealer) with a lot of HP (and time to waste for this stupid example :P )
  • 3 Boowolfs

In this case the Eni will heal the Sadi while this one will attack with his/her staff: 3 sides free so he/she can use the staff without danger for the Eni. Eni won't be touched by Boos so he/she can use his healing powers on the Sadi.

Get more Agility if you want to use a wand[]

Scenario: all wands have a big problem. All wands have range 2+ so you cannot attack face-to-face!

You need lots os Agility to dodge, move away and attack ("DMA").

If you want to use a wand you need Agi so avoid items with Agi penalty.

Or you could just level your Frightening Word to 3, get a 3-AP wand, use your Stimulating Word (and possibly a Kam Assutra Amulet to guarantee that you'll have at least 8 AP), start your turn by pushing your target one square away from you and finish with hitting it twice with your wand. With this strategy, it doesn't really matter whether you have your agility score above or below zero. In a battle, if I start it with a bit of distance between me and the enemy, I cast Wand Skill during the first turn and Stimulating Word plus other buffs during the second, then attack during the third. If I start the battle right next to an enemy, I cast Stimulating Word, Preventing Word and possibly some other buff during the fist turn, cast Wand Skill during the second, and attack during the third. For me, this works fine. Have fun and don't be too afraid of agility penalties on items that are otherwise perfect for you!


A. Wands Damage Comparison[]

In this section I'll show some data to compare mid-high levels wands as damage.

I'll use Dashiva's Damage Calculator to compute theoretical Damage values.

I think this will be useful for people needing infos about Damage power of these weapons.

The wands[]

I choose the following 4 wands:

Wand Level Damage Min Bonus AP Range
Wily Wand 59 9-16 +16 Int, 7 CritHits 3 2-3
Clearing Balgourde Wand 63 8-20 +16 Int, +6 Dmg%, +10 CritHits 4 2-4
Dark Treechnid Root Wand 67 12-16 +11 Int, +5 CritHits 4 2-4
Red-Hot Wand 80 11-14 +21 Int 4 2-3
Hairy Wand 95 13-17 (maged!) (nothing interesting) 3 2-5


  • In this benchmark each wand appears with its minimal guaranted bonus.
  • We consider only bonuses affecting Damage.

Test Conditions[]

To make the test as valid as possible, I choose a "naked" configuration for the character.

We'll assume:

  • no +Dmg and no +Dmg% (just points given by each wand will be considered)
  • Intelligence: 150+150
  • for each wand the minimum bonuses are considered


This is the resulting graph for the benchmark (click to enlarge).

Results from Wands Comparison

I think each wand has its own reason to exist and be used.

  • Wily Wand is perfect if you get 9AP: 3 attacks and max damage similar to Dark Wand's one. I think it's one of the most expensive wands in the middle levels. Just 3 cells as range: not good if you plan to stay away from mobs. Reduced roll range counts as a plus. Good for people with a lot of money and needing a wand with reduced AP consumption.
  • Clearing Balgourde has top damage value but its long roll range makes it not so fully reliable on the long run. However when you get a Critical Hit it's a pure pain for your target. Good for people wanting the best damage possible.
  • Dark Treechnid Root Wand has reduced damage roll: this is really good as it makes this wand reliable as average damage (good damage, by the way). I think the Agi penalty is a problem if you want to attack face-to-face because of dodge rolls. Pros: range (like Balgourde) and a lot of +Wis points. Good for people needing a strong wand with a lot of +Wis.
  • Red-Hot Wand is a nice wand because of its bonuses (life, ...). Damage roll range is reduced (reliable wand) but produced damage is a bit low if compared to other wands. Reduced range (like Wily) could be a problem for you in some cases. Good for people needing a wand with lots of bonuses and a decent damage.
  • Hairy Wand is a perfect wand for eni's slightly over level 100, or approaching 100. This wand has awesome firedamage (13-17 fire when forged) and they come for a fair price. Also the range is really good with 2-5 range so it proves to be really useful. The only disadvantage is that the buffs on the wand are kinda bad, but you could mage something like 12 wis on it instead of the useless resists.
  • Wanderelle FTW

NOTE: if range is too low for you (i.e. 2-3), you could balance by getting 1 MP via gears.

B. Using Daggers...[]

Finally I managed to get a pair of Elorie Entuwan's Cruel Daggers, forgemaged to Fire and a decent Crit Set to reach the 1/2 Crit Hit probability with these daggers.

I know, these daggers are low level (Level 40) and the -1 MP penalty is huge but sometimes this configuration is pretty powerful: 13-16 Fire-type attack with 1/2 probability to get the +12 damage bonus , IMHO, is optimal to fight mob trying to surround you (i.e. cracklers, Moon Island mobs, ...).

Lots of people with high-level Int-based characters told me to get a pair of high level daggers, like the famous Citrus Daggers (Level 113), and try maging them. I know this is a hard job because of the very low success probability on maging high level gears (often just 5%) so I decided to stay on wands but I'll surely buy a Dagger Skill (when all debts will be closed ^^) to experiment more (and more) with Elorie daggers.

Daggers can be a valid replacement of wands, especially in face-to-face battles.