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The Agility-based Enutrof is an extremely difficult build that only focuses on hit-and-run tactics. With a combination of Prime of Life, Reducing Key, Clumsiness and Acceleration, this character can easily attack and run away every turn. While a variant of the Chance-based Enutrof can employ a similar tactic while dealing greater damage, having higher Agility will allow this build to escape more easily and places much less pressure on avoiding close combat. It also has a lethal spell against summoned creatures, Unsummoning. Although the Osamodas's Whip is still twice as effective, there are summoned creatures, such as Bulbush from Bulbig, that are immune to Neutral damage. The Air damage of Unsummoning penetrates that.

The major disadvantage of this build is the short range of Prime of Life, which is its main attack.

Soft CapsEdit

Enutrof/Softcaps Agility is the most important characteristic, but its very low soft cap may require scrolling for this build to remain competitive at higher levels. Vitality may also be worthwhile to raise, due to range limitations. If you can afford it, scrolling Wisdom will be useful for MP removal.


Primary SpellsEdit

The following spells are essential for this build.

Icon Name Level Element Short description
Unsummoning Unsummoning 1 Air
Deals massive Air damage to a summoned creature.
Reducing Key Reducing Key 3 N/A Reduces the Range of a single target.
Prime of Life Prime of Life 21 Air
Inflicts Air damage in close combat and steals MP from the target.
Clumsiness Clumsiness 42 N/A Subtracts MP from a target.
Acceleration Acceleration 54 N/A Increases the MP of the caster or of one of his/her allies.
Bribery Bribery 80 N/A Forces an enemy to lose a turn, but greatly heals it.

Total MP Difference

Spell Caster Opponent
Acceleration Lv.5 +2~3 0
Prime of Life Lv.5 +1 -1
Clumsiness Lv.5 0 -2
Total +3~4 -3
Conclusion - Up to 7MP of movement advantage each turn.
Comparison with MP-removing Chance-based build: up to 5MP of advantage

Secondary SpellsEdit

The following spells are not central to the build, but still can be very helpful. A Weapon Skill can be useful for raising damage, while Moon Hammer can make up for the lack of range.

Icon Name Level Element Short description
Living Bag Living Bag 6 N/A Summons a bag to act as a living shield for allies.
Coins Throwing Coins Throwing 1 Water
Throws fake gold coins at the enemy, which inflicts them with Water damage. Long ranged.
Since Prime of Life costs 5AP at level 5, you can combo it with this spell with 7AP for additional damage and better range. Best done with +damage equipment, as you won't have to raise Chance.
Mass Clumsiness Mass Clumsiness 48 N/A Subtracts AP from all enemies.
Living Chest Living Chest 100 N/A Summons a chest to collect more items for its owner after battle.
Summoning of Enutrof Dopple Summoning of Enutrof Dopple 200 N/A This spell summons an Enutrof Dopple that will help its master in battle.


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