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The Chance-based Enutrof is reasonable at low levels, gaining serious power at levels 60 and 70. Initially, they are a ranged attacker, dealing low water-based damage from a distance. In later levels, they will acquire Water-based weapons, as well as gain use of powerful attack spells, all while learning to control the movement of their friends and foes. This build also has several abilities aimed at preventing enemies from closing the distance.

Soft Caps and Stats[]


When spending points, while Chance is your primary characteristic, at higher levels some Enutrofs also invest in Vitality for extra health or Wisdom to make Clumsiness and Mass Clumsiness more effective.

When choosing gear, Chance Enutrofs will, like all other characters, generally prefer gear with high Vitality and Wisdom, plus increases to their build stat, Chance. +Damage is useful for Enutrofs with a more ranged style of play (as +Damage is better than Chance for Coins Throwing). Boosts to AP are very important for Enutrofs, as at higher levels their better spells have a high AP cost, while bonuses to MP further increase the MP difference they can exploit with their foes. Boosts to critical hits are important to bring Ghostly Shovel and Shovel of Judgement closer to a 1/2 crit rate, and boosts to range provide a larger margin of safety in allowing the enutrof to harm their foes while remaining out of their range.


Primary Spells[]

Only the following offensive spells are essential for this build. Enutrofs have a plethora of useful supportive spells, leading to several variants of this build. It is also advisable to add Weapon Skill.

Icon Name Level Element Short description
Coins Throwing Coins Throwing 1 Water
Throws fake gold coins at the enemy, which inflicts them with Water damage. Long ranged.
Main attack. Powerful and very long ranged. Damage is best increased with +damage equipment rather than Chance-boosting equipment.
Shovel of Judgment Shovel of Judgment 60 Water
Causes Water damage and subtracts MP on a critical hit.
Slaughtering Shovel Slaughtering Shovel 70 Water
Causes a great deal of Water damage to a target.

Secondary Spells[]

For higher damage and Prospecting, the following spells are suitable. This variant fights well in close combat and can also tank with summons.

Icon Name Level Element Short description
Offense, Defense & Prospecting
Fortune Fortune 54 N/A Increases the caster's dodge for one turn, and power the next.
Living Bag Living Bag 1 N/A Summons a bag to act as a living shield for allies.
Living Shovel Living Shovel 26 N/A Summons a Living Shovel, an aggressive, high-HP blocker, which pushes foes back
Shovel Kiss Shovel Kiss 36 Fire
Shovel Kiss doesn't need Line of Sight and inflicts Fire damage.
Useful with +damage equipment when your summons block your Line of Sight for Coins Throwing.
Living Chest Living Chest 100 N/A Summons a chest to collect more items for its owner after battle.
Works well with Fortune to bolster your Prospecting.

For those that prefer to fight at range, the following synergy of spells can easily keep enemies at bay. Deals less damage and has less defense, but can completely disable the opponent.

Range & Disabling
Icon Name Level Element Short description
Reducing Key Reducing Key 17 N/A Reduces the Range of a single target.
Works on only a limited number of spells, for both monsters and players, but it can be potentially game-changing in PvP fights. Deadly in the hands of an experienced player.
Clumsiness Clumsiness 42 N/A Subtracts MP from a target.
Pairs well with Reducing Key to prevent the enemy from hitting you.
Mass Clumsiness Mass Clumsiness 48 N/A Subtracts AP from any enemy.
Further prevents the enemy from attacking.
Acceleration Acceleration 6 N/A Increases the MP of the caster or of one of his/her allies.
Helps you to run away when your opponent gets close.
Bribery Bribery 80 N/A Forces an enemy to lose a turn, but greatly heals it.
Completely disables the enemy while you run away.

The following spells can also be very helpful for canceling effects, especially in PvP fights.

Useful in PvP
Icon Name Level Element Short description
Pandora's Box Pandora's Box 9 N/A Restores a percentage of health, based upon the target's maximum health. Decreases the caster's MP reduction the next turn.
Ghostly Shovel Ghostly Shovel 3 Fire
Causes Fire damage and can remove magical effects upon a target.

Examples and Detailed Information[]