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The Strength-based Enutrof lacks the damage, range and disabling capabilities of the more popular Chance-based Enutrof, but instead, they have greater versatility. Moreover, they are much easier to develop early on, although they become more difficult to level in higher levels.

The defining spell of this build is Mound. It provides the Enutrof with a very early Area of Effect attack, making them capable of wiping out groups of monsters much sooner than all other classes. Although the Sadida and Xelor will overtake their role in mid levels as the Area of Effect attacker in hunts, Greed and its high initial Prospecting ensures that this character will remain as an important asset to the team. Most Chance-based characters lack Area of Effect attacks, which leaves this "Prospecting + Area of Effect damage" niche for the Strength-based Enutrof.

As mentioned, Greed is another important spell that provides massive Strength and Intelligence buffs to the entire team. However, as it also buffs the opposing side, it should be used tactically alongside other spells. Living Bag can protect allies from increased enemy firepower. With the Critical Hit buff of Pandora's Box, Ghostly Shovel can remove those buffs from the enemy half of the time. Another approach is to keep the enemy from attacking. The Enutrof has many long ranged attack spells. Used with Clumsiness, Reducing Key and Acceleration, they can fight from afar and avoid being attacked. Mass Clumsiness can also help.

This build offers several variants that differ greatly in play style:


Enutrof/Softcaps Focus mainly on Strength. Variants of this build may also invest in Vitality and Intelligence.


Primary SpellsEdit

A Weapon Skill is also highly recommended for increasing melee damage.

Enutrof class spells
Icon Name Level Element Short description
Living Bag Living Bag 6 N/A Summons a bag to act as a living shield for allies. Vital defense for close combat. Generally very helpful.
Mound Mound 13 Earth
Ranged spell with an Area of Effect. Does Earth damage. Main ranged attack.
Greed Greed 31 N/A Increases the Strength and Intelligence of all players, allies and enemies. Great for raising damage. Should be used with spells that reduce or cancel its effects on enemies.
Acceleration Acceleration 54 N/A Increases the MP of the caster or of one of his/her allies. Important to get in range for close combat or to stay away from enemies.
Summoning of Enutrof Dopple Summoning of Enutrof Dopple 200 N/A This spell summons an Enutrof Dopple that will help its master in battle.

Secondary SpellsEdit

The following spells may or may not be useful depending on the variant.

Enutrof class spells
Icon Name Level Element Short description
Shovel Throwing Shovel Throwing 1 Earth
Deals Earth damage to a single target. Ranged. Essential for the critical Strength variant.
Reducing Key Reducing Key 3 N/A Reduces the Range of a single target.
Pandora's Box Pandora's Box 9 N/A Restores a small amount of the target's HP or increases the target's Critical Hits. Enutrof's Earth spells have boosted Critical Hit rates, which means that further increasing it can be helpful. Minimal healing while Greed is active can also fill in the one-turn gap where Living Bag's Sacrifice wears off.
Ghostly Shovel Ghostly Shovel 17 Fire
Causes Fire damage and can remove magical effects upon a target. Great for dispelling Greed buffs on the enemy.
Living Shovel Living Shovel 90 N/A This spell can liven a shovel up, which will increase the Chance of it's master. Can be used mainly as a tough meatshield when leveled.
Shovel Kiss Shovel Kiss 36 Fire
Shovel Kiss doesn't need Line of Sight and inflicts Fire damage.
Clumsiness Clumsiness 42 N/A Subtracts MP from a target. Prevents a target from approaching or running away.
Mass Clumsiness Mass Clumsiness 48 N/A Subtracts AP from any enemy. Helps to dampen the effect of Greed on enemies.
Bribery Bribery 80 N/A Forces an enemy to lose a turn, but greatly heals it. Can be used to massively heal an ally at the cost of one of their turns.
Living Chest Living Chest 100 N/A Summons a chest to collect more items for its owner after battle.

Specific BuildsEdit

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