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Episode 11 is the 11th of the Episodes deployed on episode-based servers.

Zones Edit

Official Description Edit

Need a break? What about a nice holiday in Paradise? Moon Island is waiting for you, with sand beaches, the sea, and tropical forests. You will meet very nice aborigine and learn the lost traditions of tropical tribes. Remember this: "Traumatised Kokokonuts only fall on tourists!".

Official TipsEdit

Discover the wonderful Moon Island with its unique route: the 'A' Tourist Team Canon (11, 10). To make sure you reach the island, you'd better have a good tailor for your helmet and wooden wings! Once on the island, savvy explorers will enjoy chasing turtles for their shells... a treat for local tribes, you can exchange the shells against the right to enter their jungle in (31, 6). There, you should meet the Kanniballs... very nice people if you don't mind them being masked (find them at 30, 11; 29, 7; 31, 7 and 30, 8) or go chat with the lovely pirates in (30, 11). You should hear them talk about Moon, and if you can convince" them, you should receive what it takes for your very own Kanniball mask... talk to Gropinson Cruaulé (34

There are so many things to do on Moon Island!! You can even get a new pet! If you are able to help Kib Roche (35; 11) build a raft. The resources he is looking for are all around the island, from the beach to the deep jungle, so it will take more than just luck to get everything. But what an amazing reward you get: the Nomoon!!! A little ape that has a much wanted impact on its owner: if you take care of him properly, he can give you a +80 bonus in prospecting! Every adventurer seeking rare items should have such a pet to help them. Note that this pet can only eat resources that are coming from his birthplace, do not try feeding him with anything else!

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