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Episode 13 is the 13th of the Episodes deployed on episode-based servers.


Official DescriptionEdit

Exploring the Cania Plains can take you to some dreadful places... The Sidimote Moor is a desolated land and its inhabitants are as dangerous as they are unfriendly! Maybe the city nearby is influencing this place...

Official TipsEdit

Many dangerous creatures populate the Sidimote Moor, but some of the most ferocious ones are to be found lurking in the depths of the Canidae Dungeon! (-24, 1) From the Miliboowolves to the Moowolf, they are all bloodthirsty and just waiting for unwitting adventurers to whet their fangs. Many others have tried to complete this Dungeon, their bones litter the path to the Moowolf, but maybe your bravery and some good friends will help you to get out of there safely. If you succeed, you'll have bagfuls of new items for your inventory, including the Boowolf and Moowolf Sets.

You have been dispatching hairy monsters for so long now you must be thinking What could be a real challenge?" Well, we have exactly what you need: The Bworker Dungeon (-21, 12)! There you will face hairy AND stinky Bworks in excellent fighting form. Some of them are so powerful that they are not even allowed out, the World of Twelve could not stand their strength (or smell). Completing this dungeon might be one of your greatest achievements ever! You will be able to show the world what a hero you are with the Bworker Token that will give a chance to get an item from the Bwork Chief Set at the Trool Fair (-11, -41).

Wandering through the Sidimote Moor can be pretty useful for improving your equipment. Lumberjacks will be pleased to find some Oliviolet Wood to chop, miners will find overflowing reserves and you will have access to brand new items thanks to the creature drops. Here are just a few of the marvels awating you: a superb Daudgee to impress your friends, the Ouginak or Hairy Cloaks with their unique smells, the complete Farle Ingalsse Set to help you in cosplaying a peasant, or even a fabulous sword known as the Pink Claw. The only question now is: "Do you really deserve all this?"...The answer is YES!!

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