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Episode 3 is the 3rd of the Episodes deployed on episode-based servers.


Official DescriptionEdit

New regions of the Province of Amakna are waiting for you, with new monster classes to cross swords with!

Official TipsEdit

East of Amakna lays the Bandits' Territory, where Rogues and their allies rule. They protect the Blacksmith Dungeon (13,21), where you can get a double reward (an emote and the Tailor's Manual), and The Cemetery. In the last, another dungeon lays (10,15) with Skeletons waiting to slash you!

You have been brave enough to challenge the Blacksmiths in their dungeon? Then you are now able to have one of the most wanted job in Amakna: Tailor! To practice this job, you should go to the famous tailor's workshop in the Amakna Village (2,2). This is also where you will find your first customers.

The Ingalsses's Tofuhouse is a mess! Help our favourite peasants family in a merciless fight against Tofus! Prove yourself brave enough to earn a fight against the Royal Tofu!

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