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Episode 4 is the 4th of the Episodes deployed on episode-based servers.


Official DescriptionEdit

The time has come for adventurers to face some of the ugliest creatures that live in Amakna! Careful these creatures are extremely aggressive! Probably because most adventurers visiting mock them... don't expect any mercy from the Bworks, the Goblins or the Crocodiles!

Official TipsEdit

Did you ever wish to be one of the most powerful monsters that ever lived in the Province of Amakna? Everybody did! No one knew, until now, that it is possible! You can obtain the Crocoburio Transformation and use the incredible powers of Crocobur, the Legendary Sword! 'How is it possible?' Well, young adventurers, Crocoburio left hints for you to know how to retrieve his Sword on the set that bears his name. Will you be good enough to solve this riddle?

Ever wondered what a female bwork looks like? You will find the answer in the Bwork Dungeon and its keeper: the Bworkette! The entrance to her lair is under (-5,10) and you might find the keys by fighting the marvellous inhabitants of the Bwork Village. Once you reach the sexiest female of Amakna, prepare to face her in a death match where your skills will have to surpass her healing abilities.

A new emoticon is available for you! The most graceful of them all: the 'Wind of Panic'. There is nothing better than this to entertain your companions during a long diner at the Amakna tavern (Nothing worse if you are trying to seduce a nice Eniripsa though). Unfortunately, it will not be that easy to get: facing the crocodiles in their Swamp is a hard task but this emoticon is a priceless reward for the bravest of all.

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