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Episode 9 is the 9th of the Episodes deployed on episode-based servers.


Official DescriptionEdit

Lots of news with the arrival of the Treechnid Forest! Beside the new dungeons, another Dofus and the long expected Smithmagic!!!

Official TipsEdit

The Smithmagic's Workshop is now open! You have a job that you have mastered enough to get specialised? Do not hesitate to learn how to change a weapon's characteristics with runes and potions! Get under -5;-12 to meet Hel Munster and accomplish the quest that will grant you access to the secrets of mastering elements. You must remember that such an ancient art may not be successful all the time...but what amazing rewards will you get when you can literally transform a customer's weapon?

Two new dungeons are available! And to make it easy, they are both located on the same spot: under -9;-14! The Treechnid Dungeon and its keeper, the Ancestral Treechnid, are waiting for adventurers to challenge them. But are you crazy enough to go and face the Soft Oak? Many adventurers have tried to defeat him but so few are here today to tell the story...accomplishing such an amazing thing would make you a part of History. Follow Josette Moresyca's instructions to make your way safely through the dungeons.

On top of being a true hero for defeating the Soft Oak, you have a chance to get a Dofus! A real Dragon Egg kept by this old tree can be found in the old tree's remains when it is dead but you need a lot of luck. The Turquoise Dofus is one of the most powerful Eggs laid by Dragons in the past: its magic will make you give critical hits so often that your opponents will run away when you are around!

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