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Erosion is a state inflicted by some spells. It has the following effects:

  • Additional Permanent Damage taken.


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Erosion causes the maximum HP of a character or monster to drop for the rest of the fight when taking damage. Per example, a character with 1000/1000 HP that takes 200 damage will have 800/980 HP left. The amount of Erosion is 10% of the hp lost. This amount can be increased with buffs from spells, such as Pressure.

  • Erosion is applied before taking into consideration linear reductions. It is actually possible to have hp eroded even if reductions block all the damage.
  • Erosion goes all the way down to 1 maximum HP. Previously, Erosion was capped at 50%.
  • All spells that use maximum HP to calculate a value will use the eroded maximum HP rather than the "real" out of combat maximum HP.
  • When the battle is finished, they keep their health percentage, which makes actually makes them gain HP because erosion is undone. Example. a character that has 1000 max HP and finishes a fight with 200/800 HP left will go back to 250/1000 hp.

Use Erosion for the following:

  • Prevent monsters from healing back all their HP.
  • Keep the power of monsters that do more damage at lower hp percentages down.
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