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NPC Details
Area Astrub
Essiac d'Engrape
Location Astrub City
Coords [4,-16]
Details Bank
Options Talk

Essiac d'Engrape is an NPC.



Hello! We are bankers, friendly creatures as you'll see. If you open an account with us you'll have your own safe deposit box to store your valuables, a free t-shirt and two pens! Generous I know... we are here to help. Goodbye, please come again, have a nice day... Oh, before you go, please note that every time you consult your account, it will cost you ___ Kamas...

  • Consult your personal safe deposit box
(opens an Exchange window with your bank account)
  • Ask about the methods of opening a bank account
You can deposit both Kamas and items in your safe deposit box.
You can only have one safe deposit box.
Every time you access your safe deposit box, even just to have a look, you must pay a fee.
This fee depends on the number of items stored in the safe deposit box.
  • End dialogue.


Grants access to
  • Your bank account, in exchange for X Kama(s) (See Bank for details)


Essiac d'Engrape in reverse is "Caisse d'épargne", a national french bank company.

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