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Removed Feature

The feature(s) mentioned on this page have been removed from the game, and are merely left on the Wiki for historical reasons.

Ethereal weapons are still in-game but they can no longer be obtained through drops and their durability can no longer be restored.

Ethereal weapons are the common name of a large group of global drop weapons with durability.

There are around 500 different ethereal weapons of each type, so the chance of getting the same ethereal weapon twice is very low. (Some people have reported the same Etheral Weapon from the same place, with the same enemies)

Note: Ethereal weapons are very numerous and have effectively random effects. Therefore this wiki will not document individual Ethereal weapons. For a complete list of Ethereal weapons, see Ethereal weapon/list.

Properties of Ethereal weapons[]

  • They can be sold to NPCs for (Weapon's level+1)*100 kamas.
  • They have a maximum durability of MAX((INT(Weapon's level/2)+1),10)
    • For example, all ethereal weapons of level 19 or lower have a durability of 10, which increases by 1 for every two levels above level 18.
  • In order to equip them the character must meet at least one Characteristic condition. The primary condition depends on the weapon type:

Durability and repair[]

Every time an ethereal weapon is equipped in a battle, the durability drops by one. When it reaches 0, the weapon is destroyed.

Smiths and carvers can repair weapons of their specialization. The process requires the weapon and a durability potion, and is performed on a regular workbench. If the repair succeeds, the durability increases (amount depends on potion). If it fails, the weapon's effects are reduced. [In previous versions, the weapon was to be destroyed upon failure.]

Durability potions[]

Miscellaneous Notes[]

Ethereal weapons have their names displayed in blue.