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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Sergeant Resaca at [2,2]
Other prerequisitesNone
Recommended level130
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP (Max: 1,891,400), 19,480 Kamas, 25 Orichor, 5 Kartridge Bag, 1 Rusty Hook
Items required
(not provided by quest)
SequelThe Privates

Fanfail is a quest.


Talk to Sergeant Resaca at [2,2] in Shrouded Canals.


Step 1: FanfailEdit

Agent A. Klung needs your help.
Located at [7,3] (in Srambad).
You must defeat a group of 8 Malitiamen from the Shrouded Canals.
  • Borrow kamas from the inhabitants of Srambad for an indefinite period of time
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
You must talk to Aladingy at [6,2] (in Srambad), Luke Lancastel at [8,4] (in Srambad) and click the Bag of kamas at [8,3] (in Srambad).
Drag select right then down from → to see spoiler.
You must talk to the Malitiaman at [9,3] (in Srambad), the Malitiaman at [7,2] (in Srambad) and the Malitiaman at [6,1] (in Srambad).
Diashin Darkeyes can be found in a room that is accessible via the clickable skull on one of the blue lamps.


Related AchievementsEdit


Completing this quest allows you to drop Rusty Hooks from monsters in Srambad, which can be used to craft Lockpicks that will allow you to open locked doors. Inside these doors you will find a chest that will either contain random resources from the area or instantly teleport you to the prison in Srambad.

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