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An Intelligence Feca build.



  1. If you can afford it, scroll Intelligence to 101. Remember that on endgame levels the bonuses might not be so great.
  2. Some players put all of their points into Intelligence, some increase their Vitality after reaching the fourth softcaps.
  3. You should also aim to fully scroll all of your main stats such as Wisdom for a nice experience boost and AP and MP removal/resistance, Agility to avoid dodge rolls and Vitality since its always good to have some extra health points to survive while you can't use your elemental armors.


Class SpellsEdit

  • Lv. 1-11: Raise Earth Armour to level 5.
  • Lv. 12-21: Raise Natural Attack to level 5.
  • Lv. 22-31: Raise Glowing Armour to level 5.
  • Lv. 32-41: Raise Shiver to level 5.
  • Lv. 42-51: Raise Aqueous Armour to level 5.
  • Lv. 52-61: Raise Aggressive Glyph to 4. You will need those 4 points later.
  • Lv. 62-71: Keep those points. You should be able to raise Burning Glyph to 5 as soon as you reach level 70. This will be one of your main spells until the end of times. Expect great damage from it.



Leveling GuideEdit

There is a general leveling guide here.

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