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Introduction Edit

The Strength-based Feca trades range for sheer melee power. In early and mid levels, the damage output of this build far outstrips that of other builds, although it does depend on having a good weapon. This makes them less dependent upon others for leveling, as battles will go by faster. From this version, in addition, the power of the shields does not depend on intelligence but on the level of the character (they gain +5% every level), so a strength feca isn't only a damage-based character, but can reduce damage as well as an intelligence Feca does. When out of range, Blindness can provide some relief with minor damage and AP removal.

The true power of this build is revealed at mid levels, when Backlash becomes available. In fact, this spell can deal much more damage to a single target than the Burning Glyph. As its range can make it a bit tricky to use, Teleglyph might prove very useful.

To capitalize on the AP removal effect of Blindness, it is reasonable to develop a variant that incorporates Wisdom and disabling glyphs, such as Paralysing Glyph and Glyph of Blindness.

Soft Caps Edit

Feca/SoftcapsAll points should be placed into Strength, preferably with the help of scrolling. For variants that wish to also disable the enemy, scrolling Wisdom is also recommended.

Spells Edit

Primary Spells Edit

The following spells are essential for this build. A weapon Skill is also very important, especially for both early and epic levels that rely on weapon damage.

Icon Name Level Element Short description
Reinforced Protection Reinforced Protection Any N/A Raises each element resistance for a minimal AP cost. Should be used along with Backlash.
Blindness Blindness 1 Neutral
Does a small amount of Neutral damage and takes some AP.
Earth Armour Earth Armour 1 NeutralEarth
Earth, Neutral
Reduces Neutral and Earth damage.
Backlash Backlash 48 Earth
Short range linear Earth attack.
Teleglyph Teleglyph 60 N/A Teleports the caster several squares.
Feca Shield Feca Shield 80 N/A Greatly raises each element resistance.
Glyph of Repulsion Glyph of Repulsion 100 FireWaterEarth
Fire, Water, Earth
Deals Fire, Water and Earth damage. Contrary to most glyphs, works at the end of one's turn.

Secondary Spells Edit

The following spells may or may not be important depending on the variant.

Icon Name Level Element Short description
Spell Rebound Spell Rebound 3 N/A Can reflect an offensive spell back to the caster.
Aqueous Armour Aqueous Armour 17 Water
Reduces Water damage and increases AP loss resistance.
Immunity Immunity 21 N/A Gives the Invulnerable status, making immune to any form of damage.
Shiver Shiver 26 Air
Attracts enemies and deals Air damage in a cone.
Truce Truce 36 N/A Reduces a lot of damage, effects every character on the battlefield.
Glyph of Blindness Glyph of Blindness 54 N/A AP loss glyph.
Paralysing Glyph Paralysing Glyph 90 N/A MP loss glyph.
Summoning of Feca Dopple Summoning of Feca Dopple 200 N/A Summons a Feca Dopple.

Builds Edit

These are the Strength Feca guides available on Wikia:

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