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Strength is an unusual build for a Feca, though at high levels they can deal large damage for low AP cost. However they do require a lot of money and time to make. This build is based on defensive spells which don't require high Intelligence. This is not a build for new players.


Soft CapsEdit


Raising your characteristicsEdit

  • Vitality: Scrolling to 101, before putting points into it, is a good idea, though not necessary.
  • Wisdom: Getting to 25 as soon as you can is a must have, eventually you'll look to go all the way to 101.
  • Strength: You must scroll this to 101, later raise to about 200~250
  • Intelligence: Useful for an added boost with certain shields, though not necessary. Don't raise it.
  • Chance: Has a slight effect, it's pretty cheap to scroll to 25.
  • Agility: Very useful, should be scrolled at least to 25, and eventually to 101.


For this build you don't raise many of the shield that an Intelligence Feca would, why? Because this is Strength, so you have less of a boost to them.

Feca Class Spells
Icon Name Level Element Why raise it
Staff Skill Mastery spell Bought Which one you get depends on the weapon that you end up using.
Blindness Blindness 1 Neutral
Good ranged spell. you won't do much damage with it on lower levels, but it takes AP and is really useful later.
Spell Rebound Spell Rebound 3 You don't need any Intelligence to reflect a spell.
Earth Armour Earth Armour 9 Earth
Increased by level, and skill level.
Aqueous Armour Aqueous Armour 17 Water
Increased by level, and skill level
Immunity Immunity 21 Useful, as again you don't need any Intelligence to reduce a massive amount of damage.
Shiver Shiver 26 Air
Increased by level, and skill level
Truce Truce 36 Useful in many situations (Helping Sacrier's buff etc.), can also be a life saver.
Art of Staff Art of Staff 42 Has it's uses, not necessairy though.
Backlash Backlash 48 Neutral
This builds main attack, you'll definatley need it.
Glyph of Blindness Glyph of Blindness 54 AP loss is always helpful, though you don't need to raise this.
Teleglyph Teleglyph 60 Very useful, raise it.
Feca Shield Feca Shield 80 Reduces damage by %, which means it's not affected by Intelligence.
Paralysing Glyph Paralysing Glyph 90 Useful, can take a lot of MP, not necessairy though.
Glyph of Repulsion Glyph of Repulsion 100 Same as with other AP/MP loss glyphs.
Summoning of Feca Dopple Summoning of Feca Dopple 200 You'll know what to do if you ever get it.


There is a general leveling guide at Leveling guide.


It's hard to get experience points [XP] for low levels str Fecas, so you can also start as a int Feca, get to level 48 then reset spells and statistics.


By lv. 60 you shoudl know what to get.


  • With Backlash you do really good damage, but neutral. Both of your strength based damage spells are neutral element, so it's a good idea to get Earth damage weapon. You can also boost Bubble for a cheap in AP spell from other element (Water) if you have some +damage spells and not used spell points, that you won't need later (some monsters have 100% neutral resist, so when fighting them, you can use Bubble; also some sets that you will probably use give chance and strength [like Ancestral Set, so with some scrolled chance, you will deal good damage).
  • If you really want to use shields, you can scroll 101 int and boost them. Then get str/int set, after 200-250 str raise int and you can boost Burning Glyph. Your Feca will be some kind of hybrid then, but it's worth it some way.
  • Always try to get as much Wisdom as possible, as it will increase your % AP/MP resistance, which helps you both avoid AP/MP loss, and take AP/MP.
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