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NPC Details
Area Amaknean Continent
Feldz Paffe
Coords See Railway System
Details Inside some Mines
Options Talk

Feldz Paffe is an NPC.


At Mine Departure Points

Hey! What are you doing in my mine kid? All the mines are mine! For 50 Kamas, I can help you escape this place. All you need to do is jump in this small wagon. Then I'll give it a push and I'll take you to the next mine. But be careful, sometimes shuntings don't work properly and we can end up in another mine! Dark Miners sometimes attack us. If you have friends, I would advise you to bring them along... You never know...

Get into the wagon
(Note: If you select "Get into the wagon" you will be taken to a chamber at (10,-24). You will not be able to leave until you defeat a mob of Dark Miners. See Railway System for more information.)
Ask for more information about Feldz Paffe
Don't you know me? I'm Feldz. The greatest miner in the east of Amakna!
I've been gogorified about 7 times and I'm still here!
I even won 12 years in a row the mining contest with no lights, hands and feet tied... only mining with my teeth! Lucky I had such a good stock of Lousy Pig dentures.
I'm the Enutrofs' pride!
My family has been living in those mines for 21 generations.
They have no secret to us!
I dress up as a Dark Miner to go unnoticed and for them to leave me alone...
Continue the discussion
My great grandfather was the one who started building a railway network between the different mines of the region.
I spent a lot of time looking after them and I noticed that there was an incredible number of galleries still unexplored...
My ancestors used to say that there was a village hidden underneath one of the mountains of this continent that could only be accessed through one of the old mines. Unfortunately, they still cannot be found nowadays. But I'm not losing faith and I know I will pierce this mystery even if I have to use my pickaxe for it!
Attacked by Dark Miners [10,-24]

Be careful! Dark Miners are close, I can feel it, they're on their way, we're surrounded! Get rid of them and jump in the waggon! QUICK!

After defeating the Dark Miners Feldz Paffe will say

Congrats! You managed to get rid of them!
Hurry up and jump in the wagon! All we need to do now is follow the tracks.

Jump into the wagon.




Feldz Paffe comes from Feldspath (French for feldspar), a mineral rock.

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