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NPC Details
Area Frigost Island
Firmin Tayshion
Location Permafrost Port
Coords [-81,-41]
Details Inside Lisa Kaya's Tavern
Options Talk

Firmin Tayshion is an NPC.



How are you, matey?
Come and have a pint with me. Don't be shy, you're buying.
I can tell you're wondering how a Pandawa like me could hail from Frigost.
It's a long story, but I can also see you're in a hurry, so I'll just give you a summary.
I used to be a sailor until I ran aground on Frigost. The gossips will tell you that it was because of my lack of precision navigation tools. The real person is that navigating 'by the bottle', as I like to call it, is generally used by sailors once they're on land and in the taverns. So, inevitably, the results are slightly different at sea.


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