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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Isgrate Giftoyu at [4,-17]
Other prerequisitesSaint Ballotwine
Recommended level60
Total rewardsLevel-based XP (Max: 2,379,355), 28,680 Kamas, (1 Amourlet Ernal or 1 Amourlette Ernal)
Items required
(not provided by quest)
50 Nettles, 50 Sage, 20 Edelweiss, 20 Freyesque Orchid, 10 Evil Dandelion Flower, 10 Kaliptus Flower, 10 Snowdrop, 5 Blopshroom Flower, 5 Bulbiflor Flower, 5 Coco Blop Flower, 5 Greedoblop Flower, 5 Indigo Blop Flower, 5 Morello Cherry Blop Flower, 5 Pippin Blop Flower, 1 Bluebells, 1 Carniflora, 1 Greedovore Flower, 1 Royal Coco Blop Flower, 1 Royal Indigo Blop Flower, 1 Royal Morello Cherry Blop Flower, 1 Royal Pippin Blop Flower

Flower Power is a quest.


Talk to Isgrate Giftoyu at [4,-17] in Astrub City.


St. Ballotwine's Day is such a romantic day!
Did you know that since 14th Flovor 641, I have been the official storyteller at King Allister's court? I wouldn't have thought so. Idiots like you spend most of their days massacring innocent creatures and their nights prancing about in the pub. Nevertheless, I think I might be able to appeal to the little bit of sensitivity you have left.
Do you want to listen?

Find out more

What is a romantic without a nice bunch of flowers? I ask you...
To keep it short, I want to court a lady from the court. To do this, I will need lots of different types of flowers but, unlike you, I hate getting my hands dirty. So, I want to hire the services of a bumpkin like yourself to wander around and bring me back what I need.
It goes without saying that you'll be rewarded for your work, but since I am most interested in awakening your sensitivity, the last stage will need to be completed as part of a couple, married or not. The person accompanying you must be at the same stage since, after all, we're celebrating St. Ballotwine in style.

Accept the job

Your motivation is such a pleasure to see.
Just so you don't get too disoriented, I thought I'd send you to the Blop Dungeon to start with. You usually fight there, don't you?
I'll give you a list of the flowers I'll need to make a bouquet. Try to bring all of them to me at the same time.

Step 1: With GeraniumsEdit

Isgrate Giftoyu has hired you to pick blop flowers.


  • Level-Based XP (Maximum: 396,559)
  • 4,780 Kamas

Step 2: Thanks to the Fields of FlowersEdit

Isgrate Giftoyu has given you a new list of flowers to bring him.


  • Level-Based XP (Maximum: 396,559)
  • 4,780 Kamas

Step 3: With Bouquets of FlowersEdit

Isgrate Giftoyu wants even more flowers.


  • Level-Based XP (Maximum: 396,559)
  • 4,780 Kamas

Step 4: With Bouquets of RosesEdit

Isgrate Giftoyu is sending you to pick rare flowers in the hope of awakening your sensitivity.
  • Pick a Calamarose from the Kaliptus Forest ([-10,9], [-10,6])
  • Pick an Alyssum from the Larva Dungeon (Last room with Shin Larva)
  • Pick an Alyssum from the Scaraleaf Dungeon (Room after boss)
  • Pick a Rediccihio from the Skeleton Dungeon (Last room with Chafer NPC)


  • Level-Based XP (Maximum: 793,119)
  • 9,560 Kamas

Step 5: Change of HeartEdit

To thank you for your help and to awaken your sensitivity, Isgrate Giftoyu has told you where to find an amulet containing the power of love.
  • Find the map: Underground cave in Treechnid Forest [-9,-9]
You will need two characters ready to complete this step to finish this quest.
Beware when standing on the first 2 slabs of collecting the key then getting off before the other person has talked to the NPC as this will mean they cannot go inside the gate with you to open the chest.


Total RewardsEdit

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