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NPC Details
Area Frigost Island
Fred Handed
Location Frigost Village
Coords [-77,-44]
Details Inside The Silver Tavern's basement
Options Talk

Fred Handed is an NPC.



Hello dear tourist, allow me to introduce myself. I am Fred Handed, a disciple of Sram. Ah, that belongs to you? I'm so sorry, it looks so much like mine it's an easy mistake to make.
What? You want me to put these jewels back where I found them? Of course, I was only looking at them. If I could give you some advice, never trust an honest man.
Why? Well, quite simply, you never know when they're going to betray you. It's exactly the opposite with the rest of us, the disciples of Sram.
Oh, is that your Purse of Kamas I'm holding? You must have mislaid it, you're lucky I found it.


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Fred Handed is a pun on "red handed".

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