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NPC Details
Area Brakmar
Ghostly Priest
Location Brakmar City Walls
Coords [-33,33]
Options Talk

Ghostly Priest is an NPC.



So many young people have fallen, victims of men's madness. Centuries have passed, and yet, history repeats itself over and over again. Will they never learn?

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In my lifetime, I was a preacher. I accompanied the Brakmarian army on its movements, and I taught its soldiers the values of our city. I was convinced that the Twelvians needed to free themselves of the barriers imposed by their divinity, if they wanted to fully flourish.

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Bonta symbolised the barrier erected by the gods' devotees, and I thought that by making its walls crumble, we would free ourselves of our chains. I didn't know that in doing so, we were only making them stronger.

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Now we're prisoners of our own torments. The gods refuse to reincarnate some people. For others, there's still a task to be accomplished, sins to be atoned for, or maybe something else?

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