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Gladiator Bworker Set is a Set.

Gladiator Bworker Set Pieces[edit source]

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Name Level Effects Conditions Recipe
Biibl Belt.png

Biibl Belt


  • None
Pierced Boots.png

Pierced Boots


  • None
Batouta Helmet.png

Batouta Helmet


  • None
Nose Ring.png

Nose Ring


  • None

Gladiator Bworker Set Bonus[edit source]

2 items equipped
3 items equipped
4 items equipped

Gladiator Bworker Set Total Effects[edit source]

Characteristics Offense Defense Miscellaneous

Crafting[edit | edit source]

To craft all pieces of this set you will need:

Amount Item
50 Zoth Fabric
40 Mufafah Moustache
33 Polished Stone Heart
31 Moopet Stuffing
25 Barkritter Bark
23 Snailmet Slobber
22 Mama Bwork Boil
17 Cheeken Cloaca
16 Rotaflor Bark
15 Bworkette Skin
15 Cybwork Briefs
15 Gwass Bark
12 Dark Pikoko Nut
11 Zoth Master's Fly
10 Bworker Hide
10 Gourlo's Explosive Powder
10 Zoth Girl's Handkerchief
10 Zoth Sergeant's Insignia
9 Moopet Fabric
8 Lacerated Tynril Skin
3 Skeunk Hair
3 Tynril Amber
2 Greater Bherb Skin
1 Bronze Bwork Helmet
1 Bwork Chief Boots
1 Bwork Chief Bracelet
1 Bwork Chief Briefs
1 Clakoss
1 Trool Bracelet of Strength
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