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NPC Details
Area Dimensional Voyagers' Tower
Location Portal Research Centre
Coords [-22,-24]
Options Talk

Gladis is an NPC.



I can't take much time out to chat with you adventurer-there are way too many new agents to train up! What is it?

Ask how to launch a search for a dimensional portal.

The search consoles are right under your nose. Choose the one that matches the dimension you need and activate the search system. Follow its indications carefully, try not to make too many errors, and be ready for anything: when a pathway to another plane of existence opens up in the vicinity, the disturbance gives some of the World of Twelve's creatures the willies. For that reason, it's common for Voyagers to be attacked just before the portal appears.

Keep listening.

One last thing. The dimensional portals don't stay open indefinitely. They fade away in time, and the number of explorers who can use them is limited. All the more reason to hurry...

Step toward one of the consoles.


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