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A Glyph is a ground effect created by certain spells. Glyphs usually last several turns, and are visible to all players and monsters.

A glyph activates when a combatant starts his turn standing on it (except for Glyph of Repulsion which damages a player who ends their turn on it). Walking onto a glyph during a turn does not trigger it. Most glyphs are offensive, doing damage or draining AP/MP, but exceptions exist (glyph cast when a 'cawwot' is summoned etc). Glyphs do not differentiate between friend and foe.

When activated with Teleglyph, the glyph starts damaging enemies starting from the center towards the edge of the glyph, in a spiral. This knowledge can be utilized with certain challenges, that require you to target specific enemies.

Glyph Spells[]

Only the Feca class has glyph spells, however the Cawwot spell contains a healing glyph. But some monsters such as Blops and Snailmets also have glyphs.

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