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NPC Details
Area Frigost Island
Grampa Muscle
Location Frigost Village
Coords [-77,-45]
Options Talk, Exchange

Grampa Muscle is an NPC.



Hi! I'm one of Granny Capping's assistants; I help her run the shop. My products are meant for a, hmmm, special sort of clientele, so don't be surprised if I refuse to sell you some of them. Oh, and may I remind you that the terms and conditions of sale are posted in the shop itself.

Find out more about the Ice Dofus.

Shhh! Keep it down! Don't listen to a word of what Granny Capping says about her boxes of Ice Dofus; she gets a kick out of taunting naive adventurers like you. Do you really think she'd be working in a beat-up old shop in Frigost Village if she had treasures like that in her possession? Don't tell her I told you that or I'll be out of a job with no redundancy package to sweeten the deal.


Item Price (Ice Kamas) Conditions
Slightly Prosperous Humbug 2 Level > 99
Slightly Expert Humbug 3 Level > 99
Prosperous Humbug 6 Level > 99
Expert Humbug 9 Level > 99
Leather Slicer 10 Quest The Frozen Peak complete
Pair of Muffs 10 Quest The Frozen Peak complete
Xelor Magnifying Glass 10 Quest The Frozen Peak complete
Hammer-Pick 10 Quest The Frozen Peak complete
Pocket Funnel 10 Quest The Frozen Peak complete
Oni Leather 12 Quest Heaters and Beaters complete
Tunder Alloy 15 Quest Wind Breaker complete
Frozen Heart 15 Quest Light on Shadow complete


You can obtain the title "Collector of Bits and Bobs" by talking to him after completing Mumbo Jumble and Bits and Bobs

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