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NPC Details
Area Astrub
Location Astrub City
Coords [7,-19]
Details Inside building
Options Talk

Grandmother is an NPC.


Before quest

What should I do? My cellar is infested with Mimice! The noise is horrible and the stench is just awful. What's worse is it attracts every Bow Meow for miles around! It's is scaring my dear TwitTwit! And when my TwitTwit is scared, I get very upset !

Help grandma

Oh really? You are so sweet my dear. But be careful, they're not as gentle as they look! Oh my, Kweeky will be so happy.

End dialogue.
After quest

Thanks a lot. Here's some pocket money for you, you deserve it. I wonder what these Mimice are doing round here. It must be down to all this mess in the underpasses. It pushes the Mimice above ground... TwitTwit agrees with me too!


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