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NPC Details
Area Frigost Island
Granny Capping
Location Frigost Village
Coords [-77,-45]
Details Inside
Options Talk, Exchange

Granny Capping is an NPC.



Hello young'un.
I've been employing new workers because the old ones were really rubbish.
That means that I now have a whole load of items to flog for ice kamas - resources from monsters, little treats, and even pets!
If you have any questions about my merchandise, all you have to do is ask.

Find out more about the Dofus.

How did you know I had those?
Well, as you're in the know, I'll give you one for 100 ice kamas. We trust each other, right? Well, the more ice kamas you give me, the more powerful the Dofus I sell you will be.

Find out more about the pets.

I sent my men off to the remotest corners of the island to unearth the adorable little critters.
They're weaned and vaccinated, all they need in order to be adopted now is a nice master with 50 ice kamas to spare.
Here's the list of the ones I've got going spare and the bonuses each one will grant its master.

Teddybearbarian - Fire Damage.
Brockheart - Air Damage.
Bulbisou - Earth Damage.
Kanigloopy - Water Damage.



Price (Ice Kamas) Location Resource Conditions
1 Ice Kama Frigost Village Woolly Bow Meow Sternum
Crabeye Eye
Gullipop Beak
Stunted Rat Paw
1 Ice Kama Icefields Mastogob Clavicle
Mastogob Warrior Eye
Venerable Mastogob Tail
Mastogobbly Leather
1 Ice Kama Frozen Lake Kung-Fu Pingwin Ear
Mama Pingwin Oil
Pingwobble Wing
Shaman Pingwin Giant Fishbone
Pingwinkle Beak
1 Ice Kama The Lonesome Pine Trails Cromagmunk Acorn
Frighog Baleful Eye
Kanigloo Fabric
Woolly Piggoth Tusk
Sabredon Tooth
1 Ice Kama Alma's Cradle Talklyka Pirate Rope
Yuara Pirate Oil
Karrybean Pirate Buoy
Retspan Pirate Tooth
Harpy Pirate Shell
Vigi Pirate Eye
Quests Antiroyalist, The Crown Jewels complete
1 Ice Kama The Tears of Ouronigride Atomystique Tephra
Steam Crackler Egg
Fumaroller Artefact
Mofette Tuff
Solfatara Ulna
Quest The Pirate of Men's Pants complete
2 Ice Kama The Asparah Gorge Soryo Snowfoux Paw
Maho Snowfoux Leather
Yokai Snowfoux Skull
Yomi Snowfoux Tail
Kami Snowfoux Cornea
Quest Lavomatic complete
2 Ice Kama The Petrified Forest Treecherous Root
Dramanita Eye
Fistulina Ear
Fungore Peduncle
Serpula Peduncle
Quest It's Cold But It Doesn't Matter complete
2 Ice Kama The Fangs of Glass Bestial Brockhard Hair
Icy Brockhard Ear
Venomous Brockhard Tail
Nightcrawling Brockhard Fabric
Pyrotechnic Brockhard Eye
Gluttonous Brockhard Manubrium
Quest Epic Beard, Man complete
2 Ice Kama Mount Scauldron Apewicubic Bearbarian Vomer
Torpid Bearbarian Iris
Rampant Bearbarian Wool
Esurient Bearbarian Fabric
Vespal Bearbarian Wings
Mellifluous Bearbarian Calcaneus
Quest Up There on the Mountain complete


Price (Ice Kamas) Pet Conditions
50 Ice Kama Kanigloopy Level > 79
50 Ice Kama Bulbisou Level > 79
50 Ice Kama Brockheart Level > 79
50 Ice Kama Teddybearbarian Level > 79


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"Dofus" is just a joke option. Even if you collect 100 Ice Kamas you don't actually recieve an Ice Dofus, just a humorous comment from the NPC.

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