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NPC Details
Area Amakna
Location Amakna Village
Coords [2,-1]
Details Inside Inn
Options Talk

Grizmine is an NPC.



Hi, I'm Grizmine and I live for games of chance. Do you want me to sign you up for the great Raffle of Amakna?
I have a great game we can play, it's called "The Bottles of chance". Or a card game if you prefer. Do you know, "Tragic the Gardening".

Play to the game "Lucky half-litre bottle"
It's very simple, I hide a dice under a tankard of beer, I move the tankards all over the place and you must tell me in which tankard the dice is hidden. If you find it, you'll double the money you staked.
Bet 100 Kamas
Bet 10 Kamas
Choose another game
Play "Rock-paper-scissor"
You want to play "Rock, Paper, Scissors" with me? ME? You cheeky monkey, don't you know I'm the champion of Amakna?
Anyhow, I only play for money... okay?
We'll play three rounds, 10 kamas a round... and you can stop whenever you want...
You must win the 3 rounds to win the game.
Hand over the 10 Kamas
Ask for the reward
Hmm, if you win a game, I'll teach you how to play anywhere with anybody. And win!
End dialogue.
Play to the game "Tragic the Gardening"
You don't have a deck of "Tragic the Gardening" cards, so you can't play that game with me.
Come back when you have found one...
Ask where it's possible to find other sets of cards
I will never exchange mine for all the tea in Sufokia, except for even more powerful decks... If you're looking for decks of cards, speak to people who like to play "Tragic the Gardening", you will certainly meet some of them as you travel... They may accept to exchange some cards with you.
End dialogue.
Participate in the Amakna's Big Tombola
It's quite simple, all you need to do is buy a raffle ticket which costs 10 kamas. You might win the kitty, valued at 20,000 Kamas!
Buy a 10-Kama ticket
(Grizmine writes you name down on a card, throws several 37-faced dice up in the sir, catches them, makes some strange calculations, scratches his whiskers and thinks...)
Ask if you've won
Choose another game


Allows you to play the games
  • Rock-paper-scissors
  • Lucky Half Liter Bottle
    • Bet 100 or 10 kamas, pick the right tankard the dice is under and win double your money back.
  • Tragic the Gardening(Tragic the Gardening refers to Magic the Gathering, a trading card game)
    • You can't play this game. Grizmine tells you that you must get your deck of cards to play this game.
  • Amakna's Big Tombola
    • Buy a 10 kamas raffle ticket for the chance to win a kitty worth 20,000 Kamas.


French idiom 'faire grise mine' is to give someone a poor welcome.