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Grohlum is a boss monster.

Formerly known as N, then The Exile.



Level Pp Stats Resistance (%) Resistance (Linear) Resistance (Other) Aggro range
Health Point Action Point Movement Point Lock Neutral square Earth square Fire square Water square Air square Neutral square Earth square Fire square Water square Air square AP Parry MP Parry Critical Resistance Pushback Resistance
190 4 11,000 20 6 34 21 31 -5 24 ?
190 5 20 6 34 21 31 -5 24 ?
190 6 20 6 34 21 31 -5 24 ?
190 7 20 6 34 21 31 -5 24 ?
190 8 16,000 20 6 34 21 31 -5 24 ?


  • Cycle: Revives a dead monster as a summon.
  • Eternal Winter: Cooperation-type spell, does very high damage to the target.
  • Hoarfrost: Changes appearance and is necessary to remove 'Invulnerable' state.
  • Icefield: High steal damage in a linear AoE, reduces the range of the targets for one turn and heals self for more than 1000 HP.


Name Base Drop Rate Conditions
Frozen Fabric 1.5% None
Temporal Shard 1.5% None
Ice Powder 15% None
Sakai Nugget Fragment 15% None
Frozen Fragment 15% None
Nougat Rabmarac Bar 5% Quest
Stone of Yesteryear 100% Quest
Gigantic Heart Box 100% Quest


Grohlum begins the fight in the invulnerable state. To deactivate this state, you must kill one of its zombie summons which are affected by the "Hoarfroast" spell, while the summon is adjacent to Grohlum. Grohlum typically casts Hoarfrost on any of its resurrected summons when they are within LoS. When Grohlum casts the spell, his sprite (should) grow. The deactivation of the invulnerable state (by killing the adjacent Hoarfrost-affected summon) is instantaneous and lasts until the caster's next turn (killing the summon with an AoE attack such as Playful Claw or Sword of Iop can damage The Exile if the AoE affects the summon first).

Any attempt to remove MP from Grohlum gives it +8000 resistance for 1 turn. So do not attempt to damage him with incidental MP-loss spells such as Shovel of Judgment, unless you do not intend to further damage him this turn.


  • Until version 2.16, this monster was known as N, and had a completely different sprite:

The Exile

  • Starting with version 2.16, this monster was known as The Exile, and used a recolored version of N's sprite (with red hair, eyes, and shirt; a black hat and ear coverings; and yellow pants).
  • On or before November 19, 2013 (less than a month after 2.16 but, The Exile's name and image were quietly updated to the current ones.
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