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NPC Details
Area Amakna
Hector Kwismas
Location Madrestam Harbour
Coords [8,-6]
Details Also appears on Kwismas Island
Options Talk

Hector Kwismas is an NPC.


At Madrestam Harbour:


Pheeeew.... It's way tooo 'ot in 'ere...
You're never annoyed by the sun? The 'eat?
*streaming with sweat*
Hmm, I wanna to go back to my island...

An island? What island?

Well, this is no' really an island... well it could be bu', no.... It looks like some sort of gian' floahing ice cube.
Besides, the bloody ice cube's movin' and the cap'ain said we soon won't be able reach i' any more....
Wha' a waste... It's a won'erful place... There are treasures on the groun', strange Treechnids.... A paradise for Enutrofs...

Treasures? On the ground?

Yess... treasures on the ground... did the sun mel' you' brain o' wha'?
Stop repeatin' everything like a bloody parrot... It's geh'in on my nerves...
I'm goin' back to my island while it's still there... So make up your mind... You comin' or no'?

Yes, I really want to see this!

Well, I hope you've got good earmuffs!
Hum.... By the way....
Just to know, you're not a kid dressed up as an adult are you? Your parents really allow you to come?
Because the last kid I took with me, never came back...
I bet he didn't want to leave my island but his mum's been chasing me all over the place since...
*Looks over his shoulder*
Right... Hurry up! I'm off!

Follow him.

First of all, I'll take all the old junk you've still got in your bag from last year. Hurry up! I haven't got all day! (This dialog appears if you visited Kwismas Island last year.)

Set off for Kwismas island.
Pfft, a frozen island? No thanks.

Adventure's no' in you're blood, mate.
Get ou'... You're bugging me.

At Kwismas Island:


So, you wanna to go back awready?


Damn! You scared me.
I donno what's got into 'em but I've made twenty whinig Iops run away swearin' they'd never be mean ever again.
At least you've got some guts!
See you lah'er!


... Wha' a bloody sissy!...
You're lucky I'm goin' back to Madrestam.
Get on board.

Get on board.

At the entrance to any Kwismas Dungeon:


Last yea' we 'ad sooo many kids cummin' inta this cave... no' many came out agin though!!!
We said to ou'selves... 'why don' we chaaage peepo'?' Weer lookin' for customehs, so it's free for now.
Wanna come in?

I'm not a kid anymore... I wanna get in! (1st dungeon)
The Itzting was too weak for me. I want a challenger I can really get my teeth into. (2nd dungeon, requires completion of 1st)
Don't you have anything better than your old Santa Jaws? (3rd dungeon, requires completion of 2nd)
No thanks. I'm not suicidal...
(More) (Only visible when doing the All Roads Lead to Rum quest)

We had so many kids training in this cave last year, not many came out again through! We decided to charge people, but as we're trying to drum up business it's free for the moment - well, almost free. If you want to come inside, you'll have to bring me a Kwismas Dungeon Key.

Ask Hector if he likes wine.

No, I prefer a nice cool Cocalane, though you'd best keep that quiet, I don't think Nicholas would be too pleased.




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