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NPC Details
Area Treechnid Forest
Hel Munster
Location Arak-hai Forest
Coords [-5,-13]
Details Inside Smithmagic Workshop
Options Talk, Buy/Sell

Hel Munster is an NPC.

For the Server of the same name, see Hel Munster (server).



Since the quadramental breeze blew on our world, many things have changed. We are gradually beginning to learn how to control this celestial power. Soon we will completely master it, and then!... But let's talk about what brings you here...

Find out more about Hel Munster.

I'm Hel Munster. Many people associate my name with the best wizardry in Amakna. But I am just a humble searcher through the annals of magic and anything connected to it. As for research, I've never been that busy...

Talk about Metarias

Metarias are spheres made of a highly magic-proof membrane which contains a liquid compound with magical properties. I discovered them by chance during a joust with a Dreggon. After some researche, I manage to fathom the mystery.

Ask what a Materia is used for.

Metarias are raw materials. Wrought by alchemists, they can be used to make powerful elemental potions which will enable you to impregnate items with various elements. My last works show the effectiveness of this method on weapons, as well as the difficulties involved in mixing reality with magic. That's why I developed a method to help me do it... but I only teach it to some people.

Ask where these Materias can be found.

You have two possibilities:
- you can find natural Metarias in the bowels of monsters.
- you can make them with a compressor of my creation, using resources of high elemental potential and a resistant sphere that I am selling at an interesting price. Every recipe is written in a book... which you can get off me.

Discuss the Treechnid Forest.

According to the legend, you must avoid this forest at all costs. It says that the dark, blood-tinged mystery it holds will arouse fears you didn't even know you had. But I don't believe the stories, this forest is a delight of magic to me, with charming smells and fairy sounds. I fathomed its mystery a long time ago but I can't say anything. The same way I wouldn't stand up for anyone. However, I can sell you a book that recounts the legend of the forest.


Item Price (Kamas)
Creating Magic Items for Dummies 100
Metaria Sphere 100
The Treechnids Forest (book) 150


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