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Dofus Wiki Editing Guide on YouTube

You regularly use the Dofus Wiki to look up things, but you never really got into all the editing and updating. Now you found some info that's missing or wrong and you'd like to help out. But actually, you're not quite sure what to do.

This little guide is for you, then. It's meant to cover only the basics for casual Wiki users. If you have any questions regarding the Wiki feel free to ask them in the Forums.


Don't forget to follow Templates when adding a new page or editing Templates on an already existing one.

If you only want to edit minor information in a page, Visual Mode suffices, though if you want to change Templates or the page's structure, you must use Source Mode to avoid breaking the page. You can also permanently disable Visual Mode and activate Source Mode in your user settings here.

Classic Editor/Visual Mode

Classic Mode

Source Mode

Source Mode

You see the source code of the page. And while you don't know what all the commands mean, you can easily recognize the page you saw earlier. You can start replacing the wrong or missing information. (Tip: If you forgot what you are editing, or just want to see if the page looks good, there are two Preview buttons in the right side "Mobile" and "Desktop", you should only use "Desktop", when you click it, the page you are currently editing will pop out with your changes so you can see if you made any mistakes that you can fix, your work will not be lost and you can continue editing by exiting the pop out that appeared)

You're done with your edit now. In the right side there is the green button "Publish" that will save your changes, but just in case, check the page one last time with the "Desktop" button to see if everything looks good. Optionally, in the text box you can add what you just changed.

Below are some official guides on how to edit by the Wikia.

Wikis based on the new Unified Community Platform (UCP) may look or behave differently to what is described below.
See this page for more information on the new platform.

The VisualEditor

Wikia editor2

The classic editor

Editing on Fandom is as simple as clicking the "Edit" button on a page. Doing so will take you to an edit page where you can make changes to the page and add new information and media, correct errors, or update the formatting.

Depending on whether you are logged in or not, you may receive a different editing experience:

Most anonymous and newer users will see the VisualEditor. It's an editing experience based around showing you an accurate visual representation of your changes.
Help:Classic editor
Other users will see the classic editor, including the older visual editing experience and basic source wikitext editing.

Quick tips

  • Once you are in an editor, you can use the available tools to quickly add and remove information, change the formatting, add new images and videos, update the page's layout, and much more! Once you're done making your changes, just click the "Save page" button to update the page.
  • Don't be afraid if you "break" anything. All edits to a page are stored in the page history, and if something does go wrong you can simply revert to an older version.
  • If you want to edit a page without clicking the "Edit" button, you can press E on your keyboard, and the page will automatically load the preferred editor.
  • Editing is not yet possible through the Fandom app.

Choosing an editor

Logged in users can choose their default editor from a dropdown list in their user preferences (found here).

Setting Meaning
VisualEditor Shows the VisualEditor on all communities.
Classic rich-text editor
(where available)
Shows the classic rich-text editor where available.
If not, the source editor is shown.
Source editor Shows the basic source editor on all communities.

Anonymous users will almost always see the VisualEditor by default. In a few specific cases, the VisualEditor may not be available on a particular community.

Additionally, the alternative editors can still be found under the Edit button dropdown - for example, you can still access the classic editor from the dropdown even if the VisualEditor is the default.

Further help and feedback

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