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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Nara at [10,11]
Other prerequisites A Game of Hide and Seek (Bonta Quest #53)
Recommended level
Total rewards Level-Based XP , Alignment level 54, 3 Pahoa Raid Potion
Items required
(not provided by quest)
6 Hazel Wood, 1 Sulphur Pouch, 1 Kriptonite, 2 Zoth Fabric, 4 Sick Arachnee Hairs, 2 Boar Tusk
Sequel Modern Warrior : Special Tactics (Bonta Quest #55)
Repeatable No

House Hunting is a quest.


Talk to Nara at [10,11] in Amakna.


I can't work here, I just can't bear hearing those cries of agony every time the Moowolf sits down to eat. I need a quieter place, where less people pass by. Every time I hear footsteps I'm afraid someone has come to get me. Who would want to hurt me? Well...lots of people. Smiths who are jealous of my skills, or thieves, or even the ghosts of monsters out for revenge...

Ask where to look.

If you go looking by yourself it'll take you months. You should ask Setag the Enutrof, that old miner must know some places it's hard to get to...where I'd be safer than I'm here.

Step 1: House Hunting[]

Nara has asked you to find him a quiet place where he can set up his forge and his equipment.
Ask if there's an isolated place where Nara could work.

Is Nara still alive? I always thought a Boowolf got the better of that paranoid old fool. If you want to know where to find a place for him, you'll have to give me something in exchange. Let's say 3,000 kamas or an Enutrof's Memento.

Exchange 3,000 kamas for the information.

It's a pleasure doing business with you. There are three places I can think of that would suit Nara. The first one is close by, in the Crackler Mountain mine. There's a lot of coming and going thanks to the miners, not to mention the Larva hunters who hang around there. The second is in the village of Amakna, under the main fountain. It's a nice place, despite the dampness. The third is in the Porco Mine, in the east of the Porcos' Territory. It's in the middle of nowhere and quite difficult to get to.

  • Find the map: Crackler Mountain Mine [-2,-5]
Go into the visible tunnel entrance and take the left branch into the mine. Go one room past the mine railroad, then turn right into a room full of manganese.
  • Find the map: Underground level of Amakna Square [1,0]
There is a hidden entrance above the door of the upper house on the right of the map. Click above the door and you will come into a hidden area.
  • Find the map: Porcos' Territory Mine [1,32]
You need four other people of either alignment for this one. Go into the mine, and go through the gate on the other side of the map by pulling the lever. Leave two people standing on the tiles in this room and continue in. The next room has another two tiles for people to occupy. Finally, in the third room there is a lever next to a cart. Pull this lever and enter the room when the cart rolls aside.

Step 2: Real Estate[]

You have visited all the locations as Setag asked. Now you just have to convince Nara to move to one of them.
You'll need 4 Sick Arachnee Hairs and 2 Boar Tusks again. 
Describe the different places.

I know the Crackler Mountain mine, but it's too busy there and I don't want to have a run in with a Dark Miner who'll steal my precious alloys. Settling down underneath the Amakna Square is out of the question - I don't want to be stuck in a village surrounded by people. Just thinking about it make me feel sick. The Porcos' Mine? Well, it's out in the sticks, so yes, that could work. Ok, that's it. I'm going to move to the Porcos' Mine. In the meantime, bring me everything I need to forget the equipment for the militia. I've made a list, follow it carefully.

Ask where to find the tools

I left a box of old tools in the Shedblood Shaft, in some place or other I can't remember in Agony V'Helley. I'd settled in nice and comfortably thinking I'd get some peace at last without anybody to bother me when, lo and behold, an imbecile of a Wabbit drills a tunnel right into it. That's when I decided to come back to Amakna

Step 3: Pretty Nara[]

Nara gave you a long list of materials he needs to make the equipment for the Bontarian militia. You have to take them to him in the Porcos' Mine.
The box of tools is found in the Agony V'Helley Mine, right at the back of the mine.
Morsel of Stritch are dropped by any members of the Stritch family. It should be noted that you must have gotten to this step of the quest to be able to drop this item.
You will once again need four people to bring him the supplies. Give him the items, then talk to him again.

Who goed there? Show yourself! Ah, it's you. What did you want?

Test your skills as a smith.

You want to test me? You don't trust me, is that it? If you don't think I'm able to forge high quality equipment, why did you hire me? Just to show you, I'm going to forge a sword so powerful that you won't even be able to hold it properly! Hahaha.

Wait until he's finished.


Wait around.

And there you have it. Take this to your boss and show him who's the very best smith in Amakna


Hello, how are you getting on with Nara? Is he as competent as they say?

Hand over the Katana.

Impressive! With weapons and equipment of this standard, our troops won't just equal the Brakmarians, they will surpass them! You have done very well. Take a few potions to get you back in shape.