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Quest Summary
Starting Talk to Herr Peece at [-80,-45]
Other prerequisites The Ice Foundry, The Illness, done Snowfoux Den
Recommended level 170
Total rewards Level-Based XP (Max: 4,711,728), 64,560 Kamas, 5 Ice Kamas, 1 Maho Snowfoux Leather, 1 Soryo Snowfoux Paw, 1 Yokai Snowfoux Skull, 1 Yomi Snowfoux Tail
Items required
(not provided by quest)
See Below
Sequel Blood Above, Blood Below
Repeatable No

Humanitarian Convoy is a quest.


Talk to Herr Peece at [-80,-45] in Frigost Village.

Step 1: Help Thy Neighbour[]

Herr Peece would like to send a humanitarian aid convoy to the Snowbound Village, in the north of the island.

Subtask 1[]

Subtask 2[]

Subtask 3[]

Subtask 4[]

Quest finishing[]


You need to talk to Herr Peece again to receive the crates.


Related Achievements[]