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Hungry Planet Guide - Discover Frigost is a document.

Formerly known as The Guide Broutard - Discover Frigost.


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Hungry Planet Guide - Discover Frigost

By Wally Elconom

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Frigost. With a name like that, you'd almost expect to be landing at Kwismas Island! But, apart from a couple of very cold winter days each year, there's no ice or snow here at all! On the contrary, Frigost's climate is so mild you're can't help but enjoy yourself here!

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Having landed at the island's charming little port, take your time and have a stroll around the lively village streets. The Neo-Frigostian architecture, unique to this island, is worth a look! If you don't know where to stay, ask the locals! You'll get such a warm welcome from the Frigostians you'll have found food and shelter in no time!

Once you've settled in, go for a walk by the Fearless Fields. Lovers of new technology can familiarise themselves with the remarkable local agricultural technology. The farmers here are way ahead of their time!

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Not the type of walk you had in mind? You prefer wild and dangerous landscapes? No problem! On Frigost, there's something for everyone! Go to Alma's Cradle and discover superb black sand beaches. Its melted rocks and sorry appearance make it one of the Brakmarians' favourite holiday resorts!

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Don't miss:

The Boiling Lake

Not so long ago, this place was a collection of craters which was home to the first Frigostian village. Unfortunately, the exploitation of geothermic resources resulted in a flood. Nowadays, the boiling waters of the lake are reputed to cure articulation problems.

Tip: underneath the surface, you can still see the ruins of the submerged village.

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The Tears of Ouronigride

Legend has it, centuries ago, Ouronigride the dragon came to cry at the north of the island (or to blow his nose, depending on who you ask.) From his tears (or nasal mucus) were born a multitude of geysers and hot springs which make this a paradise for steam bath and natural jacuzzi lovers!

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Mount Scauldron, a volcano that's worth a visit!

A Frigostian proverb says that, when one volcano becomes extinct, another awakens. The problem with Mount Scauldron, is that it can awaken without warning! In the meantime, if you don't mind braving the flow of lava, why not go up and have a look round? It's a great picnic spot. Hot ambiance guaranteed!

Tip: Clear view of Frigost Castle, unfortunately closed to the public.

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