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Gathering information for hunter.


Hunters gather meat by fighting monsters while having special weapons equipped. These weapons can either be specialised tools, or versions of ordinary weapons with the right enchantment present. Level in the hunter profession determines what meat might drop from a monster; a low level hunter will not have the skill to carve meat from Kanigers even with the best tools, while a high level hunter will be able to get meat from a variety of sources. Hunters get experience only from preparing meat — the process of hunting acquires the materials useful to level their profession but does not directly provide profession XP.



You only get experience from preparing the meat. See Hunter/Recipes.

Gathering time[]

You get the meat when the monsters die, just like regular drops.


The meat gain is determined just like a regular drop, with the following exception: meat drops are limited to one of each type droppable per monster per hunter, not one per monster. Multiple hunters in the same fight do not interfere with each other's meat drops.


The meat follows the monsters, so go to wherever the monster you want to hunt hangs out.

Hunting ingredients[]

Unlike most other professions, hunters can hunt all the items needed for their crafting. However, as the hunting itself doesn’t give experience, it is far more commonly purchased.

Item Monster Drop Rate
Bag of Temporal Powder Fraktal, Lord Crow, Rac Queen, Shin Larva, Vortex, XLII 3%
Aggressive Arachnee, Arachnee, Arachnee Guardian, Bigbit, Blue Larva, Brikablak, Crobak, Crowfox, Crushmore, Daddy Longlex, Drinker, Elfacet, Emerald Larva, Foxo the Crowfox, Gargantula, Golden Larva, Green Larva, Horace the Tamed Crobak, Hystairkal, Ickyrus, Jumparak, Kapotie the Drinker, Krossflire, Major Arachnee, Nephilady, Orange Larva, Ruby Larva, Sapphire Larva, Segmantid, Sethen, Sewer Keeper, Sick Arachnee, Siks-T, Smashlete, Tamed Crobak, Thirtree, Thriten, Twentoo, Venomica, Wastrel 1~1.4%(2~2.8%)
Bag of Jelly Blubber Pandora Master, Royal Blue Jelly, Royal Coco Blop, Royal Indigo Blop, Royal Lemon Jelly, Royal Mint Jelly, Royal Morello Cherry Blop, Royal Pippin Blop, Royal Rainbow Blop, Royal Strawberry Jelly, Sylargh 3%
Aerial Pandikaze, Blopshroom, Blue Jelly, Coco Biblop, Coco Blop, Crabeye, Giddy Pandikaze, Greedoblop, Gullipop, Indigo Biblop, Indigo Blop, Kan-O-Mat, Lemon Jelly, Mecanofoux, Mint Jelly, Morello Cherry Biblop, Morello Cherry Blop, Pandikaze, Pandikaze Warrior, Pandikwakaze, Pandit, Pandora, Pandulkaze, Pandulum, Pingwinch, Pippin Biblop, Pippin Blop, Serpulax, Strawberry Jelly, Stunted Rat, Tinkerbear, Trunkiblop, Woolly Bow Meow 1~1.4%(2~2.8%)
Bag of Resin Ancestral Treechnid, Celestial Bearbarian 3%
Ambusher, Apewicubic Bearbarian, Arachnotron, Dark Treechnee, Dark Treechnid, Domoizelle, Dostrogo, Esurient Bearbarian, Glukoko, Greedovore, Healing Branch, Mellifluous Bearbarian, Moskito, Puny Treechnid, Rampant Bearbarian, Short-Tempered Arachnotron, Short-Tempered Dark Treechnee, Short-Tempered Dark Treechnid, Soft Oak, Summoned Treechnid, Summoning Branch, Torpid Bearbarian, Treechnee, Treechnid, Trunknid, Venerable Treechnid, Vespal Bearbarian 1~1.4%(2~2.8%)
Barrel of Scurvion Blood Captain Scarlight, Nelween, Puppet Master, Queen of Thieves, Smiths' Chest, Toxoliath 3%
Amorphid, Blundergus, Dark Baker, Dark Miner, Dark Smith, Dethornit, Double, Dramak, Elsumo, Gobvious, Kartridge, Kolerat, Lab Kolerat, Mastaklyr, Millimaster, Morongrel, One-armed Bandit, Ouginak, Rabid Ouginak, Reinforced Scurvion, Rhinoblasty, Rogue Clan Bandit, Scoliopode, Sculucanus, Scurvion, Skemage, Spanner, Sramurai, Terrestrial Crobak, Terristocrat, Tortryck, Trechepeira, Whitish Fang 1~1.4%(2~2.8%)
Bag of Beans Batofu, Bworker, Bworkette, Dark Vlad Dopple, Royal Tofu, Tanukouï San 3%
Aboub, Al Howin Tofu, Amlub, Black Tofu, Blastofu, Bwork, Bwork Archer, Bwork Magus, Codem, Cybwork, Elemental Air Bwork, Elemental Earth Bwork, Elemental Fire Bwork, Elemental Water Bwork, Gink, Kirevam, Let Emoliug, Mama Bwork, Nebgib, Nipul, Osurc, Podgy Tofu, Sick Tofu, Susej, Swimp the Simple, Tofoone, Tofu, Tofubine, Tofukaz, Tofurby, Tofuzmo, Ugly Tofu, Yadrutas 1~1.4%(2~2.8%)
Bag of Eternal Ashes Black Rat, Boostache, Count Harebourg, Jorbak, Obsidemon, Sphincter Cell, White Rat 3%
Air Spark, Apero Ghost, Arepo Ghost, Atomystique, Brat, Brave Ghost, Bubotron, Burning Ghost, Cycloid, Earth Spark, Fire Spark, Fumaroller, Grossewer Rat, Grossewer Shaman, Hyoactive Rat, Leopardo Ghost, Maho Firefoux Ghost, Mofette, Nocturnowl, Packrat, Pandikaze Ghost, Pandora Ghost, Pandulum Ghost, Prat, Rat Bag, Rat Basher, Rat Pakk, Rat Rah, Rat Suenami, Rat Tchet, Ratfink, Ratter, Ratworm, Riffrat, Rugrat, Sick Grossewer Milirat, Sick Grossewer Rat, Sick Grossewer Shaman, Sinistrofu, Solfatara, Soryo Firefoux Ghost, Steam Crackler, Tanuki Chan Ghost, Tanukouï San Ghost, Treadfast, Water Spark, Yokai Firefoux Ghost 1~1.4%(2~2.8%)
Bag of Magical Cure Bloodthirsty Vampyre, Catseye, Chafer Axit,Crocabulia, Hell Mina, Shadow 3%
Aerogoburius the Malicious, Aeroktor the Warrior, Alert Black Dragoss, Alert Black Dreggon, Alert Golden Dragoss, Alert Golden Dreggon, Alert Sapphire Dragoss, Alert Sapphire Dreggon, Alert White Dragoss, Alert White Dreggon, Aquabralak the Warrior, Aqualikros the Merciless, Black Dragoss, Black Dreggon, Brocktis, Chafer, Chafer Archer, Chafer Foot Soldier, Chafer Lancer, Dominous, Dragostess, Draugur Chafer,Dreggon Warrior, Elite Chafer, Evil Tofu, Extremely Evil Tofu, Flying Dreggon, Gargoyl, Golden Dragoss, Golden Dreggon, Grey Mouse, Ignilicrobur the Warrior, Ignirkocropos the Famished, Immature Black Dreggon, Immature Golden Dreggon, Immature Sapphire Dreggon, Immature White Dreggon, Invisible Chafer, Jammy Jack, King Playa, Kwoan, Lucky Knight, Mirefly, Neye, Nightfoul, Oni, Ouassingal, Ouassingue, Panterror, Primitive Chafer, Pumpkwin, Queen of Fate,Rib, Ronin Chafer, Sapphire Dragoss, Sapphire Dreggon, Soldier of Fortune, Terraburkahl the Perfidious, Terrakubiack the Warrior, Vampyre, Vampyre Master, White Dragoss, White Dreggon, Wild Almond Dragoturkey, Wild Ginger Dragoturkey, Wild Golden Dragoturkey 1~1.4%(2~2.8%)
Bag of Cherries Brutatax, Drhossil, Kickroach, King Nidas 3%
Antrezure, Crooket, Digshot, Drheamer, Drhellvina, Gluwax, Hairsh, Hurtful Locker, Kamasterisk, Kitsou Nae, Kitsou Nakwa, Kitsou Nere, Kitsou Nufeu, Levitrof, Mimicasket, Pazpartu, Perfidhius, Persaport, Powa Drhell, Precious, Pyrasite, Roarcher, Sacarid, Staruman, Tamed Trool, Trool 1~1.4%(2~2.8%)
Bag of Salt Buck Anear, Gourlo the Terrible, Great Coralator, LeChouque, Merkator 3%
Armagudgeon, Barbakle, Barbrossa, Bartycrank, Boomba, Cannon Dorf, Coralator, Drunkyller, Harpo, Harpy Pirate, Hazwonarm, Karrybean Pirate, Kurasso Craboral, Kurasso Palmflower, Mahlibuh Craboral, Mahlibuh Palmflower, Mojeeto Craboral, Mojeeto Palmflower, Passaoh Craboral, Passaoh Palmflower, Psychlo, Quartermaster Biscotti, Retspan Pirate, Snickerblade, Sparo, Steamcrab, Talklyka Pirate, Vigi Pirate, Yuara Pirate, Ze Flib 1~1.4%(2~2.8%)
Bag of Onions Bulbig Brotha, Famished Sunflower, Korriander, Perfidious Tynril 3%
Bambooto, Barkritter, Bulbamboo, Bulbiflor, Bulbig, Bulbush, Cromagmunk, Dark Pikoko, Dark Rose, Dark Treeckler, Demonic Rose, Dramanita, Evil Dandelion, Fistulina, Floramor, Frighog, Fungore, Gwass, Holy Bambooto, Kanigloo, Rotaflor, Sabredon, Serpula, Treecherous, Warguerite, Wild Sunflower, Woolly Piggoth 1~1.4%(2~2.8%)
Bag of Pepper Dragon Pig, Foster Fuji Snowfoux, Peki Peki, Tengu Snowfoux 3%
Blodz Uker, Boar, Dorgan Ation, Farle's Pig, Gorgoyle, Kami Snowfoux, Leopardo, Lousy Pig Knight, Lousy Pig Shepherd, Maho Firefoux, Maho Snowfoux, Piglet, Pignolia, Soryo Firefoux, Soryo Snowfoux, Yokai Firefoux, Yokai Snowfoux, Yomi Snowfoux, Zilla 1~1.4%(2~2.8%)
Bag of Lemons Grohlum, Kwakwa, Minotoror, Minotot 3%
Asploda, Bomma, Buzta, Deminoball, Drilla, Earth Bwak, Earth Kwak, Earth Kwakere, Fire Bwak, Fire Kwak, Fire Kwakere, Goblin, Gobshell, Grabba, Ice Bwak, Ice Kwak, Ice Kwakere, Karne Rider, Khamelerost, Manderisha, Minokid, Minoskito, Mumminotor, Quetsnakiatl, Scaratos, Stabba, Wind Bwak, Wind Kwak, Wind Kwakere 1~1.4%(2~2.8%)
Bag of Spices Kanigrula, Kanniball Andchain, Klime 3%
Alyeena, Asteraw, Bigheera, Dumple, Felygiene, Harrogant, Kanazure, Kanniball Jav, Kanniball Sarbak, Kanniball Tam, Kanniball Thierry, Kanniballbo, Kannihilator, Leatherball, Orfan, Prespic, Putchup, Zoth Disciple, Zoth Girl, Zoth Master, Zoth Sergeant, Zoth Warrior 1~1.4%(2~2.8%)
Bag of Aubergines Kolosso, Legendary Crackler, Professor Xa, Royal Gobball, Royal Mastogob 3%
Al Howin Gobball, Bestial Brockhard, Black Gobbly, Cave Gobball, Chocrosis Gobball, Crackler, Crackrock, Creakrock, Gluttonous Brockhard, Gobball, Gobball War Chief, Gobkool, Icy Brockhard, Mastogob, Mastogob Warrior, Mastogobbly, Mega Plain Crackler, Nightcrawling Brockhard, Pyrotechnic Brockhard, Summoned Crackrock, Venerable Mastogob, Venomous Brockhard, White Gobbly 1~1.4%(2~2.8%)
Bag of Babbage Cross Strich, Golden Scarabugly, Nileza, Silf the Greater Bherb, Ush Galesh 3%
Black Scaraleaf, Bloody Koalak, Blue Scaraleaf, Brown Warko, Calleyat, Catichan, Catsquatch, Coco Koalak, Dodox, Dok Alako, Drakoalak, Fisheralak, Green Scaraleaf, Immature Koalak, Immature Scaraleaf, Indigo Koalak, Kido, Kilibriss, Koalak Forester, Koalak Gravedigger, Koalak Master, Koalak Mummy, Koalak Rider, Koalak Warrior, Krackal, Mama Koalak, Morello Cherry Koalak, Mufafah, Nessil, Patrich, Pippin Koalak, Piralak, Plain Pikoko, Polished Crackler, Polished Crackrock, Pouncer, Purple Warko, Reapalak, Red Scaraleaf, Snowdew, Stretch, Stricheetru, Sucatrose, Thermite, Trubout, Watchamatrich, White Scaraleaf, Wild Koalak 1~1.4%(2~2.8%)
Barrel of Drinking Water Protoz'orror, Royal Pingwin, Sponge Mob 3%
Bacterrible, Bashillus, Blue Snapper, Blue Turtle, Crab, Green Snapper, Green Turtle, Kloon Snapper, Kokoko, Kokonut, Kung-Fu Pingwin, Mama Pingwin, Mumussel, Brown Snapper, Pathogerm, Pingwinkle, Pingwobble, Raul Mops, Red Turtle, Rokoko, Shaman Pingwin, Starfish Trooper, Tikokoko, Verminoculate, Viring, White Snapper, Yellow Turtle 1~1.4%(2~2.8%)
Barrel of Tasty Juice Colousses, Giant Kralove, Moowolf, Ougaa 3%
Blue Spimush, Boggedown Ouassingue, Boowolf, Brown Spimush, Bytbul, Crocodyl, Crocodyl Chief, Fleeflee, Fungi Master, Geriatick, Green Spimush, Itsh, Melouse, Miliboowolf, Miremop, Mopeat, Mopy King, Mush Mish, Mush Mush, Mush Rhume, Mush Tup, Mushd, Mushmunch, Mushnid, Red Spimush, Trumperelle 1~1.4%(2~2.8%)
Barrel of Frying Oil Kimbo, Missiz Freezz, Piwilde the Bossie, Wa Wabbit, Wa Wobot 3%
Air Pikoko, Black Tiwabbit, Black Wabbit, Black Wo Wabbit, Blue Piwi, Cawwotman, Cheeken, Glo Wabbit, GM Wabbit, Green Piwi, Gwandpa Wabbit, Janus Wabbit, Karkanik, Light Treeckler, Moopet, Pink Piwi, Potbellion, Purple Piwi, Red Piwi, Revish, Skateman, Skeleton Black Wabbit, Skeleton Wabbit, Snailmet, Stalak, Tiwabbit, Tiwabbit Wosungwee, Tiwobot, Vampiwe Wabbit, Wabbit, Wewe-Wabbit, Whitepaw Wabbit, Wo Wabbit, Wobot, Wobot Wosungwee, Yellow Piwi 1~1.4%(2~2.8%)

Other ingredients also include Cereals and Plants. As long as you have level 200 professions in both Farmer and Alchemist, you may save a lot of kamas gathering the flowers as well as grinding the cereal into oil.

Gathering/Hunting meat[]

Meat Level Monster Drop rate
Intangible Meat 1 Acrocat, Aminita, Bonfire, Chafer Novice, Chafer Pikeman, Chafer Scout, Chafer Sergeant, Chafer Sneak, Ethereal Gobbalator, Firebrain, Fragile Demonic Rose, Frightened Evil Dandelion, High Heat, L'il Gloot, Little Gobball, Pliplop, Purrsnikit, Small Tofu, Small Wild Sunflower, Splatch Fountain, Tigrimas, Will-o'-the-Wisp, Young Black Gobbly, Young White Gobbly 50~54%
Grey Mouse, Larvicy 10~14%(20~28%)
Ground Meat 10 Aggressive Arachnee, Al Howin Tofu, Arachnee, Blue Larva, Blue Piwi, Green Piwi, Moskito, Mush Mush, Pink Piwi, Pokipik, Purple Piwi, Red Piwi, Sick Arachnee, Sick Tofu, Tofu, Yellow Piwi 10~14%(20~28%)
Ethereal Carrion 10 Kardorim 0.5%
Rotten Meat 20 Blue Snapper, Boar, Crab, Dark Rose, Demonic Rose, Evil Dandelion, Goblin, Green Larva, Green Snapper, Neye, Orange Larva, Brown Snapper, Prespic, Starfish Trooper, White Snapper, Wild Sunflower 10-14%(20-28%)
Rotten Carrion 20 Famished Sunflower, Sponge Mob 0.5%
Contaminated Meat 30 Al Howin Gobball, Black Gobbly, Black Tofu, Chocrosis Gobball, Coco Biblop, Creakrock, Crobak, Evil Tofu, Gobball, Gobball War Chief, Indigo Biblop, Karne Rider, Kolerat, Miliboowolf, Morello Cherry Biblop, Mushd, One-armed Bandit, Piglet, Pippin Biblop, Puny Treechnid, Sick Grossewer Milirat, Sick Grossewer Rat, Sick Grossewer Shaman, White Gobbly 10-14%(20-28%)
Contaminated Carrion 30 Royal Gobball 0.5%
Mineral Meat 40 Araknawa, Bambooto, Black Scaraleaf, Blue Scaraleaf, Blue Spimush, Brown Spimush, Chafer, Chafer Foot Soldier, Crooket, Force-fed Obese Tofu, Fungi Master, Gargoyl, Gluwax, Green Scaraleaf, Green Spimush, Immature Scaraleaf, Invisible Chafer, Kloon Snapper, Kwoan, Lousy Pig Knight, Lousy Pig Shepherd, Major Arachnee, Mumussel, Prepubescent Boostache, Primitive Chafer, Pumpkwin, Pyrasite, Red Scaraleaf, Red Spimush, Rib, Roarcher, Sacarid, Scurvion, Tofoone, Tofukaz, Tofurby, Treechnee, Treechnid, Trunknid, Vampyre, White Scaraleaf, Whitish Fang 10-14%(20-28%)
Mineral Carrion 40 Batofu, Boostache, Golden Scarabugly, Kickroach, Ronin Chafer 0.5%
Tender Meat 50 Black Tiwabbit, Blue Turtle, Bulbamboo, Bulbiflor, Bulbush, Bwork, Bwork Archer, Bwork Magus, Chafer Archer, Chafer Lancer, Coco Blop, Coralator, Crocodyl, Dark Baker, Dark Miner, Dark Smith, Draugur Chafer, Earth Bwak, Earth Kwak, Earth Kwakere, Elite Chafer, Emerald Larva, Extremely Evil Tofu, Fire Bwak, Fire Kwak, Fire Kwakere, Golden Larva, Green Turtle, Ice Bwak, Ice Kwak, Ice Kwakere, Indigo Blop, Kokoko, Kokonut, Krtek Dark Miner, Kurasso Craboral, Kurasso Palmflower, Mahlibuh Craboral, Mahlibuh Palmflower, Mojeeto Craboral, Mojeeto Palmflower, Morello Cherry Blop, Ouassingal, Ouassingue, Ouginak, Pandikaze, Pandit, Passaoh Craboral, Passaoh Palmflower, Pippin Blop, Plain Boar, Plissken, Red Turtle, Rogue Clan Bandit, Rokoko, Ruby Larva, Sapphire Larva, Swimp the Simple, Tikokoko, Tiwabbit, Tiwabbit Wosungwee, Vampyre Master, Wind Bwak, Wind Kwak, Wind Kwakere, Yellow Turtle 10-14% (20-28%)
Tender Carrion 50 Bloodthirsty Vampyre, Bulbig Brotha, Bworkette, Great Coralator, Kwakwa, Shin Larva, Smiths' Chest 0.5%
Maggoty Meat 60 Aggressive Moumouse, Black Wabbit, Blopshroom, Blue Jelly, Dusty Piwi, Greedoblop, Green Mouse, Grossewer Rat, Grossewer Shaman, Gwandpa Wabbit, Hyoactive Rat, Immature Black Dreggon, Immature Golden Dreggon, Immature Sapphire Dreggon, Immature White Dreggon, Kanniballbo, Kanniball Jav, Kanniball Sarbak, Kanniball Tam, Kanniball Thierry, Lemon Jelly, Mint Jelly, Skeleton Wabbit, Skeleton Black Wabbit, Strawberry Jelly, Trunkiblop, Wabbit, Wo Wabbit 10-14% (20-28%)
Maggoty Carrion 60 Kanniball Andchain, Royal Blue Jelly, Royal Lemon Jelly, Royal Mint Jelly, Royal Strawberry Jelly, Royal Coco Blop, Royal Indigo Blop, Royal Morello Cherry Blop, Royal Pippin Blop, Wa Wabbit 0.5%
Rancid Meat 70 Apero Ghost, Arepo Ghost, Barbrossa, Black Dreggon, Brave Ghost, Burning Ghost, Crackler, Crackrock, Crocodyl Chief, Drunken Pandalette, Drunken Pandawa, Golden Dreggon, Grass Snake, Lab Kolerat, Mega Plain Crackler, Oni, Plain Crackler, Rabid Ouginak, Raul Mops, Reinforced Scurvion, Sapphire Dreggon, Sparo, Summoned Crackrock, Terrestrial Crobak, White Dreggon, Wild Ginger Dragoturkey, Wild Golden Dragoturkey, Wild Almond Dragoturkey, Ze Flib 10~14% (20-28%)
Rancid Carrion 70 Gourlo the Terrible, Legendary Crackler, Nelween 0.5%
Blood-soaked Meat 80 Alert White Dreggon, Alert Golden Dreggon, Alert Sapphire Dreggon, Alert Black Dreggon, Aboub, Aeroktor the Warrior, Amlub, Codem, Aquabralak the Warrior, Black Wo Wabbit, Bulbig, Dok Alako, Gink, Kirevam, GM Wabbit, Immature Koalak, Kaniger, Kitsou Nae, Kitsou Nakwa, Kitsou Nere, Kitsou Nufeu, Let Emoliug, Susej, Nipul, Nebgib, Osurc, Poacher, Tiwobot, Whitepaw Wabbit, Wobot, Wobot Wosungwee, Yadrutas 10~14% (20-28%)
Blood-soaked Carrion 80 Daggero, Dark Vlad Dopple, Wa Wobot 0.5%
Stale Meat 90 Arachnotron, Boomba, Cannon Dorf, Daddy Longlex, Dark Treechnee, Dark Treechnid, Drunkyller, Gargantula, Hazwonarm, Holy Bambooto, Jumparak, Nephilady, Pandulum, Snickerblade, Snowball, Venerable Treechnid, Venomica 10~14% (20-28%)
Stale Carrion 90 Ancestral Treechnid, LeChouque, Rac Queen 0.5%
Oozing Meat 100 Ambusher, Antrezure, Blodz Uker, Cave Gobball, Dorgan Ation, Dramak, Farle's Pig, Glukoko, Gobkool, Gobvious, Gorgoyle, Greedovore, Hurtful Locker, Mimicasket, Morongrel, Persaport, Pignolia, Precious, Rhinoblasty, Snowman, Spanner 10~14% (20-28%)
Dripping Meat 100 Brutatax, Dragon Pig, Hell Mina, Jorbak, Koolich, Krtek, Moon, Moowolf, Puppet Master 0.5%
Dried Meat 110 Arachkin, Black Dragoss, Boggedown Ouassingue, Borbkin, Bytbul, Crowfox, Devhorror, Drinker, Fleeflee, Foxo the Crowfox, Geriatick, Golden Dragoss, Horace the Tamed Crobak, Itsh, Kapotie the Drinker, Kido, Kilibriss, Melouse, Minimini Inuit, Miremop, Mopeat, Mufafah, Plain Pikoko, Polished Crackler, Polished Crackrock, Rat Bag, Rat Basher, Rat Pakk, Rat Rah, Rat Suenami, Rat Tchet, Sapphire Dragoss, Tamed Crobak, Toadkin, White Dragoss, Worm-O'-Lantern, Wild Kwismas Dragoturkey 10~14% (20-28%)
Dried Carrion 110 Black Rat, Colousses, Father Kwismas, Lord Crow, Silf the Greater Bherb, White Rat 0.5%
Al Howin 10~14%
Bloody Meat 120 Abominable Snow Yiti, Aerial Pandikaze, Bigbit, Blastofu, Bloody Koalak, Brikablak, Cawwotman, Chafer Axit, Deminoball, Dry Mature Sauroshell, Elfacet, Emerald Doll, Giddy Pandikaze, Glo Wabbit, Ice Crackler, Incandescent Mature Sauroshell, Insipid Mature Sauroshell, Janus Wabbit, Khamelerost, Koalak Gravedigger, Koalak Mummy, Koalak Warrior, Kwismas Minotoball, Manderisha, Minokid, Minoskito, Moist Mature Sauroshell, Muddy Mature Sauroshell, Mumminotor, Pandikaze Warrior, Pandikwakaze, Pandora, Pandulkaze, Podgy Tofu, Purple Warko, Quetsnakiatl, Reapalak, Scaratos, Segmantid, Smashlete, Starving Doll, Tofubine, Tofuzmo, Trool, Ugly Tofu, Vampiwe Wabbit, Wewe-Wabbit, Wild Koalak 10~14% (20-28%)
Diamondine, Emeralda, Ruby, Sapphira 15%
Bloody Carrion 120 Crocabulia, Fraktal, Minotoror, Pandora Master, Royal Mastogob, Royal Rainbow Blop, Royal Tofu, Skeunk 0.5%
Marbled Meat 130 Blundergus, Elsumo, Frighog, Kanigloo, Kartridge, Millimaster, Patrich, Prez, Sabredon, Sramurai, Stretch, Stricheetru, Trubout, Watchamatrich, Woolly Piggoth, Zoth Disciple, Zoth Girl, Zoth Master, Zoth Sergeant, Zoth Warrior 10~14% (20-28%)
Marbled Carrion 130 Captain Scarlight, Cross Strich, Tanukouï San 0.5%
Macerated Meat 140 Barkritter, Dark Pikoko, Dark Treeckler, Floramor, Gwass, Healing Branch, Kwismas Minotoball, Leopardo, Maho Firefoux, Prez, Rotaflor, Short-Tempered Arachnotron, Short-Tempered Dark Treechnee, Short-Tempered Dark Treechnid, Soryo Firefoux, Summoning Branch, Warguerite, Yokai Firefoux, Zilla 10~14% (20-28%)
Macerated Carrion 140 Peki Peki, Perfidious Tynril, Royal Pingwin, Soft Oak 0.5%
Biltong Meat 150 Abominable Snow Yiti, Brat, Digshot, Drheamer, Drhellvina, Harpy Pirate, Ice Crackler, Karrybean Pirate, Kwismas Minotoball, Leopardo Ghost, Maho Firefoux Ghost, Packrat, Pandikaze Ghost, Pandora Ghost, Pandulum Ghost, Perfidhius, Powa Drhell, Prat, Prez, Prez' Plozion, Ratfink, Ratter, Ratworm, Retspan Pirate, Riffrat, Rugrat, Sewer Keeper, Soryo Firefoux Ghost, Talklyka Pirate, Tanuki Chan Ghost, Tanukouï San Ghost, Vigi Pirate, Yokai Firefoux Ghost, Yuara Pirate 10~14% (20-28%)
Biltong Carrion 150 Buck Anear, Drhossil, Sphincter Cell 0.5%
Fresh Meat 160 Air Pikoko, Alyeena, Atomystique, Bigheera, Calleyat, Catichan, Catsquatch, Cheeken, Felygiene, Fumaroller, Impetuous Kwismas Dragoturkey, Kanazure, Kannihilator, Light Treeckler, Mofette, Moopet, Orfan, Pouncer, Prez, Sakai Firefoux, Snailmet, Solfatara, Steam Crackler, Sucatrose 10~14% (20-28%)
Fresh Carrion 160 Giant Kralove, Kanigrula, Kimbo, Minotot, Obsidemon, Ush Galesh 0.5%
Lean Meat 170 Dry Venerable Sauroshell, Incandescent Venerable Sauroshell, Insipid Venerable Sauroshell, Kami Snowfoux, Maho Snowfoux, Moist Venerable Sauroshell, Muddy Venerable Sauroshell, Prez, Sethen, Siks-T, Soryo Snowfoux, Thirtree, Thriten, Twentoo, Yokai Snowfoux, Yomi Snowfoux 10~14% (20-28%)
Lean Carrion 170 Foster Fuji Snowfoux, Tengu Snowfoux, XLII 0.5%
Spoiled Meat 180 Amorphid, Cybwork, Dethornit, Dramanita, Elemental Air Bwork, Elemental Earth Bwork, Elemental Fire Bwork, Elemental Water Bwork, Fistulina, Fungore, Mama Bwork, Mini Inuit, Mush Mish, Mush Rhume, Mush Tup, Mushmunch, Mushnid, Scoliopode, Sculucanus, Serpula, Stuffed Gobball, Stuffed Tofu, Stuffed Wabbit, Trechepeira, Treecherous, Trumperelle 10~14% (20-28%)
Spoiled Carrion 180 Bworker, Father Whupper, Korriander, Ougaa, Toxoliath 0.5%
Midnight Meat 190 Asploda, Bestial Brockhard, Bomma, Brocktis, Buzta, Dominous, Drilla, Gluttonous Brockhard, Gobshell, Grabba, Icy Brockhard, Mirefly, Mopy King, Nightcrawling Brockhard, Nightfoul, Panterror, Pyrotechnic Brockhard, Stabba, Venomous Brockhard 10~14% (20-28%)
Midnight Carrion 190 Celestial Bearbarian, Grohlum, Kolosso, Professor Xa, Shadow 0.5%
Tasty Meat 200 Armagudgeon, Asteraw, Bacterrible, Barbakle, Bartycrank, Bashillus, Bubotron, Crushmore, Cycloid, Dodox, Double, Dumple, Hairsh, Harpo, Harrogant, Hystairkal, Ickyrus, Jammy Jack, Kamasterisk, Kan-O-Mat, Karkanik, King Playa, Krackal, Krossflire, Leatherball, Levitrof, Lucky Knight, Mastaklyr, Mecanofoux, Nessil, Nocturnowl, Pathogerm, Pazpartu, Pingwinch, Potbellion, Psychlo, Putchup, Quartermaster Biscotti, Queen of Fate, Revish, Serpulax, Sinistrofu, Skateman, Skemage, Snowdew, Soldier of Fortune, Stalak, Staruman, Steamcrab, Terristocrat, Thermite, Tinkerbear, Tortryck, Treadfast, Verminoculate, Viring, Wastrel 10~14%
Tasty Carrion 200 Catseye, Count Harebourg, King Nidas, Klime, Merkator, Missiz Freezz, Nileza, Protoz'orror, Queen of Thieves, Sylargh, Vortex 0.5%