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NPC Details
Area Amakna
Ian Ozenthroat
Location Crackler Mountain
Coords [-2,-3]
Options Talk

Ian Ozenthroat is an NPC.

Formerly known as Otho Laringo.



Hi! I'm Ian Ozenthroat, the blacksmith. I've not got anything to sell at the moment, I'm completely snowed under with work. Actually, I could do with an apprentice to bring me raw materials I need. All the ones I've had so far ran away after half a day's work. Pfft, they're such chickens!


Features in


Ian Ozenthroat is a play on "ear nose and throat".


Ian Ozenthroat used to give 1 Strength Scroll in exchange for 70 Prespic Peak and 70 Crab Pincer.

Ian Ozenthroat used to give 1 Powerful Strength Scroll in exchange for 75 Prespic Peak, 75 Crab Pincer, 45 Rib Chops and 30 Flint.

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