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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Aurora Borealis at [-61,-58]
Other prerequisitesNone
Recommended level130
Total rewardsLevel-Based XP (Max: 3,971,945), 38,960 Kamas, 10 Ice Kamas, 10 Kung-Fu Pingwin Tail, 3 Royal Pingwin Feather, 1 Royal Pingwin Egg
Items required
(not provided by quest)
See Crafting
SequelThe Ice Foundry

Ice Hotel is a quest.


Talk to Aurora Borealis at [-61,-58] in Frozen Lake.

You will receive 1 Ice Saw Recipe.
You will receive 1 Steel Plate Recipe.
You will receive 1 Protective Mask Recipe.
You will receive 1 Protective Gloves Recipe.

Step 1: FoundationsEdit

Aurora Borealis plans to open a hotel cut completely out of the ice, and needs plenty of tools to do so.


The required items are crafted by the Level 100 Jeweller, Miner, Smith and Tailor professions.

To craft all the items you will need:

Amount Item
150 Iron
75 Tin
50 Coal
50 Manganese
50 Sabredon Hair
50 Shaman Pingwin Beard Hair
50 Woolly Bow Meow Hair
35 Aspen Wood
25 Cobalt
25 Mama Pingwin Down
25 Mastogob Wool
25 Venerable Mastogob Wool
20 Mastogobbly Leather
20 Pingwinkle Feather
20 Woolly Piggoth Leather
15 Pingwinkle Beak
10 Crabeye Pincer
10 Cromagmunk Tail
10 Gullipop Feather
10 Kanigloo Ear
10 Pingwobble Wing
5 Aluminite
5 Kriptonite
5 Mama Pingwin Oil
5 Mother of Pearl
5 Sulphur Pouch
5 Whetstone


Related AchievementsEdit

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