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Imp Carrier is a method of transportation, for a list of all transportation methods, see Transport.

Imp Carriers are airship ferries run by the NPC Girle Pylote who is aligned with Imp Village. They can carry players for free to locations often not covered or near a Zaap. They are shown on the world map as blue hot air balloons.

Imp Carrier can only be used by characters of the Alliance that owns the Imp Village area.

You must first complete both The New World and Castaway Island quests to gain access to Otomai Island before you can travel to Zoth Village or Coral Beach with the Imp Carrier.

You must be Level 50+ to gain access to Frigost Island.

Imp Carrier ListEdit

Subarea Coordinates
Border of Aerdala [18,-39]
Brakmar City Walls [-26,29]
Cania Fields [-31,-48]
Cawwot Island [23,-3]
Coral Beach [-57,1]
Dreggon Peninsula [-3,27]
Icefields [-70,-33]
Imp Village [-15,-24]
Jelly Peninsula [11,30]
Kawaii River [6,-1]
Low Crackler Mountain [-1,8]
Minotoror Island [-41,-18]
Turtle Beach [35,4]
The Zoth Village [-54,15]
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