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Quest Summary
StartingTalk to Gasdaure at [5,-18]
Other prerequisitesNowa's Ark
Recommended level25
Total rewardsLevel-based XP, 1,326 Kamas, 3 Coal
Items required
(not provided by quest)
SequelMedical Visit

In Search of the Missing Enus is a quest.


Talk to Gasdaure in Astrub underground at [5,-18].

Step 1: A Start of a TrackEdit

The Enutrofs, who have gone in search of Sniffallrats, probably got lost deep in the underpasses. The place is infested with Grossewer Milirats..
  • Find the map: Enutrof expedition makeshift prison
Make your way through the underground from the entrance at [6,-19] to [2,-18] to complete this step.

Step 2: A Bird in the hand is worth two rats in the bushEdit

Get rid of this Grossewer looks sick. it shouldn't be that difficult.... Well, with several people.
Wait for a Sick Grossewer Rat to spawn at [2,-18] and defeat it. Be careful, as this monster will aggro. This level 30 enemy can be a tough fight for low-level characters, so don't be afraid to bring a party. The Sick Grossewer Rat is level 30, has 290 HP and 4 MP. He can attack up to three times per turn. Each attack deals around 20~30 Earth Damage. He can also cast Release, which pushes back players up to three squares.

By Bauxite, iron and Manganese, thank you! Without you, 'would have been this big rat's dinner! 'Never seen anything that big on legs! 'Were on patrol in the underpass when beasties attacked. 'Stayed here, stuck by the monster. Must be fights still going on but with the echoes, 'can't tell where it's happening... For a pick's sake, what's going on in Astrub?

Bauxite? Iron? Manganese?

Well... 'was within an inch of death and you speak 'bout minerals? Well, ore, metals, there's noting more beautiful to a miner! In the hands of a good alchemist, they'll become potions, in the hands of a dagger forger, they'll become swords... And 'will sure need swords, betcha!

Do you know what is going on?

Well, all 'know is that the council asked us to patrol in those damn underpasses... 'Must know more about this stuff than me, that's for sure! And the old legends are not going to calm things down, betcha!


...In past times, 'say there were some tough fights round Amakma... 'Am a born and bred Astrubian and 'never seen anything of the sort! 'Know things are happening over there and 'don' t like it... Go back and see Gasdaure, 'knows more than she says!

Go and see Gasdaure



Gasdaure suggests you should go talk to Shaman Surivitna, the Shaman of Pandala. This is not required to finish this quest.

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