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Talk to Allisteria at (3,-16). Only a Feca can obtain this quest.

Note that after talking with her, she'll later always be found at (4,-14). Note that you can start the quest in (4,-14) too so if you start there you will only need to talk to her again. Allisteria


Hey you, young Feca! Stop daydreaming! You look like you just fell off the moon! I could use some help, you know!

Err... Yes, what is it?


Allisteria: Follow me! And be quick, nobody's watching over my herd.

Step 1 : We're starving!

Allisteria's gobballs are hungry. They need to be fed : all of them!
Go and meet Allisteria at the south gates of the town.
Discover map Astrub tavern.
Bring to Tame Gobball: x1 Astrub Beer
Bring to Tame Gobball: x1 Astrub Beer
Bring to Tame Gobball: x1 Astrub Beer
Bring to Tame Gobball: x1 Astrub Beer
Bring to Tame Gobball: x1 Astrub Beer
100 XP

Follow Allisteria to (4,-14). Conveniently, the compass points the way. Talk to her when you arrive, and choose the "Take the 10 kamas and accept" option. Follow compass to (5,-17) and enter the inn. Buy/sell with Tek Abir (buy x5 Astrub Beer). Talk with him to reset the compass to lead you back to Allisteria.

Upon returning, talk with each Tame Gobball. With each one, you'll lose x1 Astrub Beer. After all five have been fed, this step will be completed.

Note:We can use "Refuse and take the 10 kamas" but it will always lead you to do it for her


There you are! My name is Allisteria. Could you give me a hand? I look after this herd of Gobballs, but since all the landslides started happening, it's been hard to cope by myself.

Learn more.

Our wheat cellar is filled with gravel, I can't wait for the Enutrofs to clear everything away so I can feed my Gobballs... If I can't have wheat, beer will have to do... Would you mind getting me some? I need 5 beers, so I'll give you 10 kamas. Just take the cheapest kind, the furry little creatures prefer quantity over quality!

Refuse and take the 10 kamas
Well... That's not a very good start! *she starts screaming* Daddy, Daddy!
A little voice tells you to help him...
Thanks a lot. Go and see the innkeep, Tek Abir, he must be getting used to it by now!
Very well! I'm going.
Take the 10 kamas and accept.
Thanks a lot. Go see the innkeeper, Tek Abir, he must be getting used to it by now!
Very well! I'm going.

Tek Abir


If you want a filling beer... you're in the right place. Everybody knows that Astrub beer is not the lightest. Hahaha... So whaddya say!



Now you've got the bottles, you can give one each to the Gobballs. Be careful though, people might get jealous! Come back when you're done... I think I'll need some more help.

Tame Gobball


*The gobball drinks the beer... ho ho hum... then it EATS THE GLASS waheyyy* Belch..Hic... Smash!

Step 2 : Stewed black Gobballs pudding.

Save the good Stewed Black Gobball Pudding tradition.
Talk again to Allisteria
Discover map Seth Sourcet's store
Talk to Saketsu
Bring to Allisteria: x2 Lemon
Bring to Allisteria: x4 Smelly Gobball Leg
200 XP

Talk to Allisteria (she'll give you 5 kamas). Then follow the compass to (1,-16) and enter the store. Buy/sell with Seth Sourcet (buy x2 Lemon), and talk with him to advance the compass.

Follow the compass to (0,-15) and enter the workshop. Talk to Saketsu. Choose the "Explain that you've come on behalf of Allisteria" option. Gain x4 Smelly Gobball Leg.

Follow the compass back to Allisteria and talk to her again. Allisteria


Thank you, thank you, thank you! Oh man, I'm so busy right now. Hey, can you ask the butcher to kill the Gobball I brought him. I'm not a killer, you know... I gotta say, though, I love that black pudding stew! I just try not to think about where it comes from, you know! Could you buy 2 lemons from Seth Sourcet, too? Here, take 5 more Kamas for that.

Take 5 kamas and leave

Seth Sourcet


Good morning dear client! What can I do for you today? I sell a lot of different things: preservatives, preparations for nyfish, meat, yeast, fruits and vegetables. You only need one word here, buddy... BUY! I'll also buy back some of your items if you want...



Sorry, but I don't have time to talk with you. I've got a lot of creatures to kill... Do you want me to show you what I'm up to?

Try to learn more about his profession
Explain that you've come on behalf of Allisteria
Hum, OK... In that case, the next gobball I'll kill will be hers.
Beeeeee....BLURP! *Close your eyes*
Voilà! Doesn't he look great like that? Ally Steria will only need the four thighs. I usually keep the rest.
Take the four legs
  • You dont know what's really on his mind* Refuse

(You get 4x Smelly Gobball Leg)



So, you got it all? What about my four, poor Gobball legs... oh and the two lemons?

Show what you have

Step 3 : Fight if you're a Feca

The famouse Fallenster asked you to train his daughter to be a fighter.
Talk again to Allisteria
400 XP

This step starts immediately after completing the previous one, with a cut scene. When the scene is over, talk to Allisteria to start the fight.

Don't expect to win (even level 65 Fecas died in one shot) - though it may be possible if you have the help of a very high level. When she gets critical hits (which don't seem to be based on the random numbers as normal criticals are), she does real massive damage.

At any rate, finish the fight. Normally, this involves dying and reappearing back at the Feca statue with your compass pointing back down to Allisteria. Return and talk to her to complete the step and the quest. CUT SCENE

Allisteria: I'll prepare this. See you later!
You: *sigh* That's when she wants...
Fallanster: Hello young Feca, my name is Fallanster. I'm a Feca Guildmaster. 
Fallanster: My daughter won't be long. Oh, I was wondering if you could do me a favor. 
Fallanster: You seem intelligent and robust. Could you teach my daughter the basics of combat?
Fallanster: Just a fight. She's very talented and learns very fast. She's my daughter, after all. 
Fallanster: Don't be afraid to lose! Ahahah!
Fallanster: Ah! Here she comes!
Allisteria: I'm here father! What did you want to show me?
Fallanster: I asked your friend to help me teach you the basic fighting skills. Nowadays, you're not that safe...
Fallanster: ...*long silence*...
Fallanster: I'd rather you knew how to defend yourself. 
Allisteria: I understand...
Fallanster: Very well my friend, let my daughter know when you're ready. 
Fallanster: As for me, I have other business at hand. Goodbye!



You really wanna train me? Well... okay... I guess a play fight won't hurt me. Anyways, I'm not as weak as daddy thinks... Get ready... hey maybe I'll beat ya!

Start the fight

Hey, thanks for the training, it was great! Just one problem though... with all that jumping around, some of our Gobballs escaped. No! Some went to the underpasses...

Keep on talking

Unlike us Fecas, these stupid creatures aren't known for their intelligence! Well... that's it... a Gobball's gone missing: would you mind looking for it? I think it went ovwer near the underpasses. Go and see Gasdaure, if anyone knows where it is, it's her.

Accept with a smile

Oh, thanks a lot, I knew I could count on you... Here, take this loaf of bread, it'll heal your wounds...

Take the bread and leave

Note: If you lose the fight, you DO lose energy.


Following the dialog with Allisteria, you'll gain 1 Cereal Bread from her.

Your compass will also reset to (6,-19), the starting point for a number of other quests obtainable from Ant Emicheun inside the underground there.

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