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NPC Details
Area Astrub
Ioppish Iop
Location Astrub City
Coords [5,-17]
Details During A Prickly Solution
Options Talk

Ioppish Iop is an NPC.



What Eni want?

Try to assess how far along the illness is by starting a conversation.

You noob? Up Wisdom, hit Piwis. Bread or potions for nosebleeds.

Decide that it's quite a severe case and get the syringe out.

What's that pointy thing? You want duel?

Try to give the Iop an injection.

After defeating him:


My word, you spar like a seasoned duellist! Your victory was so brilliant that I must in all fortitude agree with you.

Notice a slight change in the way the person you're talking to is communicating.

What is this panacea that courses through my veins and enlightens my mind? I feel reinvigorated and inclined to enrich my mind by leafing through a weighty educational tome. I shall visit the library forthwith!

Watch the Iop leave.


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