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NPC Details
Area Astrub
Isgrate Giftoyu
Location Astrub City
Coords [4,-17]
Details Appears during Saint Ballotwine
Options Talk

Isgrate Giftoyu is an NPC.



St. Ballotwine's Day is such a romantic day!
Did you know that since the 14th Flovor 641, I have been the official storyteller at King Allister's court? I wouldn't have thought so. Idiots like you spend most of their days massacring innocent creatures and their nights prancing about in the pub. Nevertheless, I think I might be able to appeal to the little bit of sensitivity you have left.
Do you want to listen?

Find out more.

What is a romantic without a nice bunch of flowers? I ask you...
To keep it short, I want to court a lady from the court. To do this, I will need lots of different types of flowers but, unlike you, I hate getting my hands dirty. So, I want to hire the services of a bumpkin like yourself to wander around and bring me back what I need.
It goes without saying that you'll be rewarded for your work, but since I am most interested in awakening your sensitivity, the last stage will need to be completed as part of a couple, married or not. The person accompanying you must be at the same stage since, after all, we're celebrating St. Ballotwine in style.

Accept the job.

Your motivation is such a pleasure to see.
Just so you don't get too disoriented, I thought I'd send you to the Blop Dungeon to start with. You usually fight there, don't you?
I'll give you a list of the flowers I'll need to make a bouquet. Try to bring all of them to me at the same time.


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