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NPC Details
Area Archipelago of Vulkania
Ivan Hartvigg
Location Vulkania Village
Coords (-48,44)
Details Inside building
Options Talk, Buy/Sell

Ivan Hartvigg is an NPC.



Hello, I hope you're enjoying your stay! If you're about to leave, why not take away a little souvenir to remember Vulkania by? A book on local wildlife, a brochure, some volcanic rock... uh... or one of our many other products, which I can't remember right now. Take your pick!

Ask him how the shop is doing.

I have nothing to complain about, business is fine... at least, I think it is. The Iop tourists are crazy about the plastic Hearts. I sold a whole crate of them, yesterday or the day before, I can't remember... Crikey, my noggin's crumbling like a slab of sedimentary rock!

Suggest that he eat fish.

That doesn't make any difference! Besides, choking on fishbones isn't my cup of tea. Little Ju-ju makes a Smartini Corktail for me every morning, apparently it wakes up the neurons... but so far it hasn't helped much. My memory's slipping, and it's quite worrying.


Item Price (Kamas)
Holiday-maker Jam 49
Vulkania, Land of Adventure 49
Plastic Heart 99
Black Stone of Vulkania 99
Billabone Cemetery Relic 99
Lyfflongen-Pross Pebble 199
Of Sauroshells and Dreggons 199
Sauroshell Figurine 199
The Legend of Grozilla and Grasmera 199


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