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NPC Details
Area Amakna
John Lorke
Location Madrestam Harbour
Coords (10,-3)
Options Talk

John Lorke is an NPC.



Ahoy there, matey! Do you know what happened to me? Some time ago, I sailed north-west in search of Grawn. I was told that there are tonnes of Grawn in the seas up there. I'd just cast my fishing net into the foaming waters when I saw an island, all white it was, like the hair of a brave Iop I once saw. Anyway, I digress. I knew there was no island on the maps and I thought I was going mad, which sometimes happens at sea. Anyway, you could say I'd sailed a bit too far north! Hmmm. That joke doesn't really work in your language, does it?


So I pulled my net out of the water and I set sail for the island - out of curiosity, you understand. It was getting very cold. I landed against a frozen pontoon and disembarked with caution. I wasn't the first to set foot there. When I arrived on the beach, I saw an old ruined building. A tavern, or something similar. I didn't get very far as some kind of wood and metal monsters attacked me! I didn't want to hang around and hot-footed it out of there.


"Full speed ahead!", I cried, and returned to Madrestam as quickly as I could. When I got back home, some bloke asked me to take him back there. He must've been mad. I don't remember him name, and I've not seen him since. Anyway, he gave me a load of Kamas and a new sail for the journey, so I wasn't complaining. If you want, I can take you there too. But I warn you, I'm not a guide, I'm staying close to my boat and I won't be going with you. If it all kicks off, you won't see me for dust.

Sail to the island


John Lorke is a reference to John Locke, a character from Lost.

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